Outrage as EFCC Brutalises Females Using Sticks, Koboko, Canes (photos)


Akure, Nigeria – Public outcry has erupted following reports that officials from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) brutally assaulted several young women in Akure on Saturday morning. Eyewitnesses and victims allege that the EFCC officers used sticks, koboko (horsewhips), and canes to whip the women mercilessly.

Harrowing Accounts of Assault

Graphic images and testimonies have surfaced on social media, showing the severe injuries inflicted on the women. One victim’s account described the brutality as inhumane, highlighting the physical and emotional trauma caused by the attack.

EFCC Brutalises Females
EFCC Brutalises Females

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“Just see the buttocks of innocent girls who were physically and sexually assaulted by rogue officials of EFCC in Akure. They used sticks, koboko, and canes to whip them mercilessly because they are EFCC,” a witness shared on Twitter, igniting a wave of indignation online.


Public Reaction and Condemnation

The incident has drawn widespread condemnation from various quarters, including human rights activists, investigative Journalist  with X handle @PIDOMNIGERIA, legal experts, and the general public. Many are calling for immediate action against the officials involved and for comprehensive reforms within the EFCC to prevent such abuses of power.


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Social media platforms have been flooded with hashtags like #EndEFCCBrutality and #JusticeForVictims, reflecting the public’s anger and demand for accountability. “Enough is Enough. The youths must fight back,” read one of the many posts calling for action.

EFCC Brutalises Females
EFCC Brutalises Females

Calls for Investigation

In response to the growing backlash, several prominent figures and organisations have demanded a thorough investigation into the incident. Human rights lawyer Femi Falana stated, “This is a clear violation of human rights and an abuse of power. Those responsible must be held accountable to restore public trust in our institutions.”

EFCC’s Position

As of now, the EFCC has not released an official statement addressing the allegations. However, a post by the EFCC on its official page confirmed the raid, stating that 27 people were arrested. They did not mention the abuse and atrocities committed. Sources within the commission suggest that an internal review is underway.

Ejes Gist News understands, That thr incident highlights ongoing concerns about the conduct of law enforcement agencies in Nigeria. There have been previous reports of excessive force and human rights abuses, which have led to calls for systemic reforms. Advocacy groups are leveraging this incident to push for stricter oversight and accountability measures for all law enforcement bodies.


The alleged assault by EFCC officials in Akure has sparked national outrage and a call for justice.

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