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Oyo Election: We will support party that recognises us – Persons with disabilities


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In the upcoming general elections in 2023, people with disabilities in Oyo State have vowed to support only the political party and candidates who acknowledge them.

They made this proclamation at a rally intended to educate people with disabilities about how to prepare for the upcoming general elections.

The rally, titled “Effective Mobilization Strategies and Participation of Persons Living with Disabilities at the Grassroots for the 2023 General Elections,” was held in some areas of Ibadan.

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The Coalition of Like-Minded People with Disabilities, Oyo State Chapter, organized the rally.

Speaking at the rally was the coalition’s president, Mr. Chukwuma Ibeh, who bemoaned the neglect of people with disabilities over the years by political office holders despite the fact that the State is home to about 2.5 million people with disabilities.


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However, he asserted that they would only support candidates who had their recognition in the upcoming State elections.

Ibeh pointed out that the State’s politicians had abandoned them over time.

“We organized this rally to raise awareness of people with disabilities, especially among those in Oyo State,” he said. They take a cursory look at the population of people with disabilities.

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“However, we want the politicians to be aware of our size. Voting can be used to elect or remove people. In the elections of 2023, we will have many responsibilities. We have traveled to pick up our PVCs.

Therefore, in 2023, voters will support any political party or candidate who accepts the rights of people with disabilities.

“A population of 2.5 million is not a small population when compared to other countries. In 2023, we are prepared to back any political party or candidate who accepts us.

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