Pastor Enenche technically tells Nigerians not to vote for Tinubu or Atiku. See details


urged Nigerian not to vote for candidates who are aged, unhealthy, and unfit to competently lead the country right.

Pastor Paul Enenche, General Overseer of the Dunamis International Gospel Centre, has revealed God’s will for Nigeria.

Enenche made the announcement while addressing his congregation at the church’s headquarters in Abuja on Sunday.


According to the minister, God’s will for Nigeria is the presidential candidate who enjoys massive support from Nigerian youths, is healthy, and does not speak ridiculed garbage.


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In addition, he advised Nigerians to vote for a candidate with “mental clarity, sharpness, precision, vitality, and presentation accuracy.”




Paul Enenche adds that God’s chosen candidate for Nigeria has an unblemished record against corruption and has built a prosperous life outside of government and public office.



Enenche added, without naming a specific presidential candidate, that the individual has verifiable records and is from a marginalised region of the country.



Pastor Enenche stated, “We know God’s will for Nigeria; if you have eyes and ears, you too will know.” Who is he, supported by so many young people? Who is he who has sufficient health and vitality and is devoid of disease? Who is he with sufficient mental clarity, sharpness, precision, and presentational accuracy who does not speak ridicule-worthy nonsense? Who has achieved sufficient success outside of government? A person who can successfully manage his own life can also manage an institution. We have many individuals whose wealth cannot be traced outside of government and public office; we do not know what they purchased or sold, only that they were in government and became wealthy.


Who is he who leaves a paper trail in both his public and private lives?


Who is he who has records that can be verified? Who is he who has no history of corruption? Who is he who has emerged from this nation’s marginalised zone, where it appeared that people could not grow? Who is he who cares about people while others do not? I believe you all know who I’m referring to.”



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