Pele: Hospitalised Brazil legend improving with ‘no new complications’ – doctors

Football legend Pele hospitalized again
Football legend Pele

Legendary Brazilian athlete Pele is recovering and has “no new complications” according to doctors’ statements on Tuesday.

The 82-year-old has spent a week in the hospital receiving treatment for a respiratory infection that COVID-19 aggravated.

When he fully recovers from the infection, he is anticipated to be discharged from the hospital.


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He is conscious, has stable vital signs, and has no new complications, according to a statement from the Albert Einstein hospital.

Three-time World Cup champion Pele is undergoing chemotherapy while battling cancer.

Before Brazil’s last-16 World Cup victory over South Korea on Monday, which Pele had said he would be watching from the hospital, Brazilian fans gathered in Qatar.


On their shirts, flags, and banners were images of a young Pele celebrating goals and winning championships with the Brazilian national team.

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Banners honouring Brazilian legend Pele were displayed by supporters during their victory over South Korea in the round of 16
As they celebrated beating South Korea, Brazil’s athletes hoisted a banner in Pele’s honour on the field.

After winning 4-1, the team unfurled a banner that read “Pele!” and featured a picture of the legendary Brazilian player.

Pele reflected on his World Cup debut in 1958, when he was 17 and helped Brazil win the Jules Rimet Trophy in Sweden, ahead of Monday night’s last-16 match at Stadium 974.

On Twitter, he stated: “In 1958, I walked the streets contemplating keeping my promise to my father.


I am aware that many people today have expressed similar intentions and are attempting to find their first World Cup.

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“I will be rooting for each of you as I watch the game from the hospital. Good fortune!

Pele’s participation in the World Cup finals in 1962 and 1966 was limited by injury, but he came back to lead Brazil to a third victory in Mexico in 1970 as a member of what is widely regarded as the greatest international team ever.

The official tally for Pele’s illustrious career, which spanned from 1957 to 1977, is 757 goals in 831 games, but club Santos assert that number is closer to 1,000.

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