Peter Obi may win this election, the acceptance he’s getting from the north is alarming — Yakubu Dogara


Yakubu Dogara has confessed that Peter may eventually become the president.


Former speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. , said that the presidential candidate of the , Mr. Peter Gregory Obi may win, but what is scaring him is that, he does not know anything about .


The Nigerian lawyer and politician, Yakubu Dogara, was airing his view on the forthcoming presidential .



Yakubu Dogara, claimed that 2023 presidential election is a 2-horse race alleging that the presidential battle will be between the presidential candidate of the PDP, Atiku Abubakar and the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Gregory Obi.

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“As a man who understands the northern hemisphere, I believe Peter Obi is a strong force in the north alongside Atiku Abubakar.



Peter Obi and Yakubu Dogara
Peter Obi and Yakubu Dogara

Yakubu Dogara disclosed that the north does not accept people easily but with what has happened with the APC administration in the past 8 years, the north is looking for something new and not going for tribe or any of such that have been the usual practice in our electioneering.

However, Dogara confessed that,


” This is what scares me, I don’t know Peter Obi that well, the acceptance is getting from the north Is alarming, he may even become the president, Yes! and I don’t know him.”

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  1. Tell him, Dogara, that Nigerians now, more than ever before, are united in Taking Back Our Country. Tell him too that there’s only one man that God has designated for that purpose, and he is no other person than PETER OBI. Also tell him that because God wants the assignment to succeed, he gave PO a very worthy helpmate called YUSUF DATTI.

    Finally, tell him that it’s a done deal and therefore must not think of any mischief!

    • Unfortunately, you don’t have to know him for all care.

      He’s a better choice to your SPVs principal. You are loosing your respect standing with ATIKU

  2. I thought this man is reasonable I don’t know he’s not, that’s why Tinibu never considered him anything worth being his vice, shey be he ran to endorse Atiku, let him remain there, Stomach infrastructure politician, you don’t know him, you want to know him to know what will enter for you abi? Unfortunately PO is not here to play that conventional politics with anybody, he’s here for business

  3. Majority of Nigerians knows PO.
    You must be a liar that you don’t know PO. You only said the right thing that he is a force to reckon with come Feb. 25th Presidential election. The North like other parts of Nigeria are tired of mediocre in power.

  4. The era of a politician expecting to be recognise as Dogara is seemingly craving is gone. No such recognition. His vote is no bigger than those of artisans- hairdresser, seamstress, tailor, shoeshiner, trader, vulcanizer, student and all decent folks of this country. These are people Obi is fighting for and they know him. Dogara should enjoy his association with Atiku. The obidients are good without him.

  5. Tell him (Dogara) that Nigerian youths know PO and are ready to vote for him because we are taking our country back from all those corrupted politicians that don’t want our feature bright

  6. Dogora’s knowing Peter Obi before, now or after is inconsiquential. Nigerians are poised to take back the country through Obi/Datti come February, 2023.


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