Peter Obi recounts identity duplication drama in UK, says it began from Nigeria

Peter Obi

, the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, has revealed that his identity duplication crisis originated in Nigeria.


On Sunday, Obi revealed this information during a Twitter space event hosted by Parallel Media, as reported by our correspondent.


Obi’s associates have reported that he was delayed at Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom by immigration officers due to an alleged case of identity duplication.


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According to Obi, he has visited the approximately four times in 2023, noting that he previously resided there prior to his tenure as governor of Anambra State.


According to his statement, he has visited the United Kingdom on no less than four occasions this year, including a visit to Chatham House where he was invited by the UK government. The occurrence came as a surprise to the individual. The former governor expressed shock and disbelief when he was asked to take a seat at the airport despite having lived in the area for years and owning property there. The incident occurred within a matter of minutes, leaving the individual taken aback by the unexpected turn of events.




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Obi revealed that he had learned to exercise caution after a potential threat to his identity, stating that the attempt to clone his identity originated in Nigeria.


According to the individual, the revelation of their identity being duplicated was a shocking experience. Initially, they dismissed the claim as insignificant, but upon consulting with an expert on the matter, they were further taken aback.



According to the expert, Peter could potentially face rape charges if he were to book a hotel room, as there have been instances where hotels have been known to orchestrate false accusations against their guests. The expert warned that a guest could be set up by a gang hired by the hotel, who would then accuse the guest of committing the crime and subsequently call the police. The denial of bail in the UK and other Western countries is a grave matter of concern. Travellers are at risk of being implicated in a murder if their duplicate is found carrying any luggage during a security check.


The individual expressed gratitude that no untoward incident occurred and shared that they have been handling the situation. They also disclosed that they have travelled to the United Kingdom subsequent to the incident, where authorities are also conducting an investigation. Upon arrival, the individual was questioned and provided an explanation.


Authorities have stated that they are currently investigating the matter and no further information is available at this time. Obi recounted that the origin of the situation he is currently managing can be traced back to Nigeria. He emphasised his cautious approach and expressed his hope that no complications arise.




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