Peter Obi Responds to Wole Soyinka’s Criticism on 2027 Presidential Bid

Peter Obi Responds to Wole Soyinka's Criticism on 2027 Presidential Bid

Peter Obi has Responded to Wole Soyinka’s Criticism. 

and I would put myself in a position to be respected.

In a recent appearance on Arise News Prime Time, Labour Party presidential candidate in the 2023 election, Peter Obi addressed comments made by renowned Nigerian playwright and Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka. Soyinka had advised that Obi should not contest in the 2027 elections, citing Obi’s alleged inability to control his fervent supporters, popularly known as “Obidients.”


Soyinka’s remarks have sparked a wave of reactions, given his influential status and past criticisms of political figures. He expressed concerns over the behavior of Obi’s supporters, suggesting that their conduct might not align with democratic principles.

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When asked to respond to Soyinka’s statement, Peter Obi, known for his diplomatic approach, remarked, “He’s an elder, and I don’t talk when elders talk. But when I get to that age, I would like the younger generation to respect me, and I would put myself in a position to be respected.” Obi’s response reflects his respect for Soyinka’s stature while subtly indicating that respect should be a reciprocal value.


This interaction adds another layer to the ongoing political discourse in Nigeria. Soyinka, who has been vocally critical of various political figures, has notably not extended the same level of scrutiny to the current administration of President Bola Tinubu. Critics have pointed out Soyinka’s silence on pressing issues such as the skyrocketing inflation, the significant depreciation of the naira, and the dramatic increase in fuel prices from ₦245 to ₦780.

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The juxtaposition of Soyinka’s stance towards Obi and his silence on the Tinubu administration’s policies has led to discussions about potential political biases. Some argue that Soyinka’s focus on Obi while ignoring the current government’s challenges hints at a selective application of his critical lens.

Obi’s supporters, the “Obidients,” have been both praised and criticized for their passionate advocacy.

Their dedication has been instrumental in mobilizing grassroots support for Obi’s political movement, which seeks to challenge the status quo and offer a new direction for Nigeria. However, the fervor of some supporters has occasionally resulted in confrontations and aggressive rhetoric, prompting calls for more measured and respectful political engagement.


Ejes Gist News understands that Peter Obi’s measured response to Soyinka underscores his commitment to respectful discourse, a quality that resonates with many of his followers who look up to him for leadership and inspiration.

Many Nigerians have reacted to Peter Obi’s responses to Wole Soyinka statement.

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@Okakaodumodu. : Premium reply filled with wisdom.

Abayomi: Peter is truly an elder who accords himself respect. An elder is a man of equity, foresight, emotional intelligence and most importantly, balance. A man is not a man by gender definition, neither is an elder an elder by cultural appropriation! WO got what he deserved


Friday Dennis : @FridayDenco : PO is too wise to be honest. He is not a pastor but his words and deed is more righteous than the so call pastor of well known churches. He deal with fact not emotions.

3timesalady: Prof Gbajue, go and learn self-respect o. Orelse the youth will teach you how to count your teeth using your tongue.


Monye Emeka : That is how elders should talk and respond, respect is reciprocal. That is why PO is respected.

Totti Blaze: I just listen to the voice of a wise man . Thanks you Arise tv for this . Anytime I listen to such people , I feel there is hope for better Nigeria.

iCONQUER: Peter Obi always makes me feel like i had a poor moral upbringing. The way he handles criticism is out of this world.





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