Peter Obi Reveals His Plan For IPOB, Other Agitators

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Opens up on his plan for IPOB 

What will happen to the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and other agitators if the ’s (LP) Peter Obi is elected president in 2023 has been made public.

The Former Anambra Governor responded while fielding questions of inquiries about the level of security in the nation from Newsmen.

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According to Peter Obi, talking to agitators is the best way to bring about peace in the nation.

Obi responded to questions by saying, “I have said it time and time again, Nigeria is not more agitated than Brazil.

If you want, I will show you countries that have been agitated in the past, whether it be Brazil, Mexico, or this.

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“In our South East, it is a straightforward matter; I will converse with others and hold discussions.

It is a democracy, and democracies are governed by consensus. If someone claims they are not happy, you call them, sit them down, and have a conversation.

“People are agitated in my home, including my wife and kids. If you tell me that you have never fought with your wife while living together your entire life, then you are not married. Agitation occurs when you dispute and settle the issue.

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In order to ensure efficient government, the presidential candidate promised to govern by consensus and pay attention to everyone.

Peter Obi Unveils his Plan for IPOB

“I shall run the country by consulting the populace. I will travel to every Nigerian state. We have a sizable piece of land in the North that, if wisely invested in and farmed, can transform Nigeria.

The more I lift people out of poverty, the less unrest there is, and the less crime there is. What you see in Nigeria now is the result of years of leadership failure, and all I want to do is be remembered as the person who transformed this nation, he said.

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When asked if he agreed with the federal government’s classification of IPOB as a terrorist group, he responded, “I do not want to go into that realm.

As I previously stated, I am willing to speak with anyone; they are welcome to call, and I will meet with anyone to discuss anything.

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“I will apologize since I do not appreciate how individuals were handled during the EndSARS. Leadership in a democracy is creating a nation of reconciliation and love.

“I am going to meet people everywhere, including in the North, and tell them to come together as a family.

I want Nigerians to take pride in their nationality. What we currently have is a nation called Nigeria, but there are no Nigerians living in it. Nigerians must be brought back, says Peter Obi.

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