Poland Work Visa Process 2023 | Application Procedure for Polish Working Holiday Visa

Poland Work Visa , Poland Working Holiday Visa

The full details on Poland Work and how to apply for 2023/2024 have been highlighted here. 


Ejes Gist News reports that Canadian and New Zealand passport holders can obtain a Working Holiday Visa for Poland. The Working Holiday Visa allows qualified candidates to live and work in Poland for 12 months to fund their journey. This means that the activity must be incidental and meet the requirements listed on the visa. Also a Nigerian citizens can also apply for a work visa.



Types of .

There are several types of work visas available in Poland. So, before applying for any work visa, you should know which work visa is appropriate for your job. As an example,



  • Work Permit A – if you have a job offer in Poland, this type of Visa will be given to you on the condition that you will require a valid residence permit.
  • Work Permit B – if you are an employee of a board member and stay for more than six months in Poland, you will need this type of Visa.
  • Work Permit C – if you are visiting Poland, as a delegate, for more than 30 days, you will need a work permit C-type work visa.
  • Work Permit D – if you are a delegate and work in an export service. You will need a work permit D.
  • Work Permit S – you will need this work permit if your employer sends you to Poland for hunting, agricultural, accommodation, or fishing activities.

Poland Working Holiday Visa

A Polish working holiday visa is an immigration document intended for young people considering working and vacationing in Poland, and it is used by citizens of countries with which the Polish government has signed an agreement regarding this type of visa. The working visa includes a residency permit in Poland.

Polish Seasonal Work Visa.

Employees in Poland are issued a Seasonal Work Permit if they intend to work for less than nine months per year. It is distributed to employees during the summer. Candidates must also apply for a Temporary Resident Permit.

Under the following conditions, you will be granted a temporary residence permit;

  • If you want to work on seasonal activities.
  • If you have a regular and stable income.
  • If you have health insurance.
  • If you have proof of accommodation.


Poland Working Holiday Visa  Requirements

Obtaining a Polish work visa or Poland Working Holiday Visa can be carried out online. However, applicants should take note of the requirements highlighted.

Documents required for Poland Work Visa.

: For all candidates need to have the following documents:

  • A valid passport
  • A visa application form
  • Coloured photographs (should fulfil the Schengen visa photo guidelines)
  • Proof of flight ticket to Poland
  • Proof of travel health insurance of around €30,000
  • Proof of accommodation in Poland
  • A copy and the original version of your work permit.
  • An employment letter to prove your job placement in Poland
  • CV or work experience certificate
  • Proof of your clear and clean criminal background.
  • A representation that your stay in Poland is for training and education, as well as a statement from the potential employer indicating their intention to offer you a job.
  • Canadians may range between the ages of 18 and 35, whereas New Zealanders must be between the ages of 18 and 30.


Note: The embassy of Poland or the Polish consulate may require more documents depending upon the conditions.


Work visa process Duration.

: It takes up to six weeks to get a work visa. You should apply for a work visa two months before your joining date.

Online Fees

  • Work Visa for less than three months – €11.05 
  • Work Visa for more than three months – €22.10 
  • Work type D Permit – €44.19.

The employees will pay the work visa fees unless your job sponsors a work visa.


Validity of Polish National Visa.

The is valid for three months; after that, you have to apply for a residence permit for a longer period.

What Can One Do With A Poland Holiday VISA

With this visa, you can:

  • Live for up to a year in Poland
  • 6 months of employment with one employer
  • Study or take part in a course for up to a year.
  • Re-enter Poland while holding a valid visa

Who Qualifies To Apply For A Poland Working Holiday VISA

Citizens of Canada, New Zealand, and Australia who are legally recognised in Poland and are between the ages of 18 and 35 are eligible to apply for a working holiday visa in Poland.

How To Apply For A Poland Working Holiday VISA

Working holiday visa for Poland were applied for at the Embassy. This application involves the following steps:

  • Visit the nearby consulate or embassy of Poland. CLICK HERE to locate the nearest Polish consulate or embassy
  • Gather the necessary paperwork, then schedule a visa appointment.
  • Send your application in person to the authorizing body.

Arriving In Poland.

To have the best chance of being able to apply for a Poland Work Visa and Poland Working Holiday Visa and work there while on vacation, you must be an Australian, New Zealand, or Canadian citizen and enter the country legally.

However, with a Poland Working Holiday Visa, foreigners like Nigerians can work in Poland while on vacation. It is only available to foreigners who are legal residents or visiting Poland.

Extension of Poland Work Visa.

If your employer has developed your contract, you can extend your work visa. You must apply for an extension of your Work visa 30 days before it expires.


The Poland Work Visa Rejection Rate for polish work visa is 35%  while Poland Work Visa Success Rate is 65% if you meet all the necessary requirements.



This post highlighted how to , Polish Working Holiday Visa , application process. All candidates looking for work in Poland should read this post and double-check all of the information provided.




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