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Popular PDP Governor Openly Declares support for Peter Obi


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, finest in terms of education, character, performance, others —Ortom

The governor of State, , referred to Mr. Peter Obi, the presidential candidate for the , as the best standard-bearer in terms of education, performance, character, and enthusiasm for saving the nation.

Ortom is One of the five governors of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), requesting the resignation of Senator Iyorchia Ayu, the party’s national chairman, in exchange for their support of Atiku Abubakar, the PDP’s presidential candidate.

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The other four governors are Ifenayi Ugwuanyi, , , and .

Obi claimed on Tuesday that he and the PDP-5 have an agreement to save and advance the nation.


The leader of the opposition (Labour Party) is the best in terms of “education, character, performance, reaching out, accommodation, being a pan-Nigerian, and terms of passion to ensure that our country is liberated from where we are from insecurity to security and out of the economic woes to economic vibrancy and out of lack of adequate social life, Ortom stated.

During a trip to Benue, Ortom told Obi, “You have the ability to make things work.

The Ortom comment was seen by the Obi-Datti campaign as one of Obi’s biggest endorsements and testimonials throughout his move to get to Aso Rock.

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Former Anambra State governor Obi travelled to to meet with the state’s two highest ranking traditional leaders, the Tor Tiv and Orchi Idoma.

While there, he also paid Governor Ortom a courtesy call, who prayed to God the Crown to grant Obi’s request if it is His will.

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Governor Ortom praised Obi for his capacity to reach out and remarked that this was the first time a presidential contender has met their two paramount chieftains.

The Governor told Obi: “If Nigerians were given a chance to make a choice, you are one of the finest candidates that we have in this country.” He cited John 3:23 from the Holy Book to support the idea that only God crowns.

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“Let me say this again, where we are in our country Nigeria , we should not be looking at party or where someone comes from but we should be looking at the capacity of the personality that will be able to deliver us from the mess we are in today,” Ortom said, reiterating his earlier position that political party should not be a consideration in this election.

He noted that, “If I were God, but I am not one, I would have said…but I am not God but I appreciate your courage, your potential to deliver to our people.

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Obi, from his ancestors, has the capacity and devotion to the well-being of our people.

“All I can say is to ask God to bless you; he sees the heart. If it is His will, let the God who bestows blessings and crowns you.

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The crown that God has planned for someone, he claimed, cannot be stopped by a man. He is a living example of this.

“I am a living proof that when God intends to do something, nothing can stop Him from doing it. Everyone is aware of how I was elected governor in 2015 and 2019.

The Governor asked Obi to contact his rivals for the presidency and ask for their support in order to serve as their servant if God crowns Him so that you may all cooperate. Everyone must cooperate for the benefit of this nation.

Obi praised the Governor for his dedication to his people, praising him in particular for his concern for their safety and welfare. He also expressed his heartbreak at the fact that IDP camps are housing Nigerians in a nation that is not at war.

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Thanks for using our platform to learn about the latest on Peter Obi, finest in terms of education, character, performance, others —Ortom

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