Presidency reveals those behind alleged ‘Stoning’ of Buhari’s Convoy in Kano


The Nigerian has finally reacted to reports that ’s convoy was stoned on Monday while he was on a state visit to Kano State.

The report was labeled “false” and the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, was responsible for the “fake news,” according to a statement sent to newsmen on Tuesday and signed by Garba Shehu.

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We’ve seen false reports of a stone-throwing incident that happened in Kano’s Hotoro neighborhood on the day that President Muhammadu Buhari visited the city on Monday. This incident, even if it’s a minor one, should be denounced by all decent people.


According to law enforcement, “facts on the ground speak of a clash between the local road transport authorities, the Kano Road Transport Authority, KAROTA, and thugs hired by a yet-to-be identified group that took place when the President was being treated to a banquet at the Government House, well after he had finished his projects commissioning.”

The happy thing about it was that the good people of Kano State were appreciative of him for the progress the state and the nation at large are making under him.

The President was in the state to work on the development, safety, and security of common citizens’ lives.


“An opposition’s divisive rhetoric in a fruitless effort to damage the reputation of the President and the candidates of the All Progressives Congress in the coming elections, and its desperate wedge-driving activities to cause a division between the party and the government, are not what will give them victory,” the statement continued.


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According to the video, the stone-throwers who attacked the traffic police were supported by politicians and people who support terrorism. In a democracy, violence has no place.


“The PDP should take advantage of the opportunity provided by electioneering to express their viewpoint in a democracy. Stone-pelting, setting things on fire, and other disruptive behavior are out of place when issues can be solved through negotiations, as we are seeing in some of the campaigns.

Political, social, and religious leaders have a responsibility to correctly inform the misled youth to avoid the path of violence, which is harmful to their own future. This is because violence is unhealthy for society as a whole.

“Last but not least, let me say that the President still commands and is respected in Kano.


For those who hold the border closure against him, they must realize that if he had permitted the free-for-all smuggling to continue, there wouldn’t be the 60-70 integrated rice mills in the city .

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