Presidential debate: Fr Kelvin Ugwu accuses Reuben Abati of biases


Fr. , a Nigerian missionary priest serving in the Gambia, has charged renowned journalist Reuben Abati with political bias while he was moderating the Presidential Town Hall on Arise Television.

Fr. Kelvin questioned Abati as to whether it made sense for a vice to participate in a presidential candidate debate despite playing a very different constitutional role.

The well-known priest also questioned Abati on why he permitted Dino Melaye, a representative of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) campaign, to pose a query during a debate.


Through a post on his verified Facebook page, Fr. Ugwu made the assertion.

However, the cleric also wished Abati a happy birthday before he asked for clarification.

This is regarding the presidential debate you hosted yesterday, he wrote.


“How does it even make sense that a vice, who has a constitutional role that is far different from that of the President, be ever allowed to debate with presidential candidates? You allowed a vice presidential candidate to join a debate you tagged as a “Presidential Town Hall.

“You are the program’s coordinator. The presidential candidates were invited by you and your team.


Participants and audience were invited or made available by you and your team. Then, when the audience you invited did not respond positively, you turned around and blamed a presidential candidate who probably did not even know the crowd you had invited.

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“You let Dino, an authorized spokesperson for the PDP campaign team, to pose a query during a discussion between several political parties.


“You approved it despite seeing that his question was directed at a specific candidate who is a member of a party he dislikes.


“Do you believe it was fair that you did not also provide the spokespeople of other parties the same privilege to question their competitor candidates as well?

And there and then, one of your visitors provoked one of the presidential candidates, he said.


The candidate spoke up since it appeared like your guest was there to divert his attention.

The candidate became irate. You could see the fury on his face. Each person did. The candidate made a really well-founded point.


However, you let it go without asking the visitor (Dino) to apologize, issue a warning, or perhaps even vacate the premises.

“Abati, you completely got it wrong on this.”

You were obviously too opinionated and biassed to moderate such a discussion.


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