Did President Ramaphosa Snub Tinubu at His 2nd Inauguration? Truth Emerges

Ramaphosa snub Tinubu Inauguration

Amidst the buzz of social media and the rapid dissemination of information, the report that Nigeria’s President Bola Ahmed Tinubu was snubbed by South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa during his second-term presidential inauguration ceremony in Pretoria stirred significant controversy. This claim, backed by a particular footage angle, seemed to show Ramaphosa ignoring Tinubu while greeting other world leaders. However, a closer examination reveals a different story.

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Unveiling the Claim: Was Tinubu Snubbed?

The initial claim that President Ramaphosa snubbed President Tinubu during the inauguration ceremony quickly gained traction. The video, which went viral, appeared to support this narrative, showing Ramaphosa shaking hands with various dignitaries while seemingly bypassing Tinubu. Such an interpretation, if true, could signify a diplomatic slight, raising concerns about the state of Nigeria-South Africa relations.


Analyzing the Footage: The Complete Picture

To uncover the truth, Ejes Gist News conducted a thorough investigation. The team reviewed the available video footage and pictures from the event, striving to piece together an accurate sequence of events. Contrary to the viral narrative, evidence showed that Ramaphosa did exchange pleasantries with President Tinubu.

The initial video’s limited perspective played a crucial role in shaping the misleading narrative. The angle from which it was recorded failed to capture the entirety of the interactions, leading viewers to a hasty and incorrect conclusion.Ramaphosa snub Tinubu Inauguration

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Contextualizing the Ceremony: Understanding Protocol and Arrangements

Further context reveals that the first row at the inauguration was designated for South African kings and royalty, rather than visiting dignitaries. This arrangement meant that President Ramaphosa’s initial greetings did not include foreign leaders. Additionally, protocol necessitated that Ramaphosa return to the podium promptly to honor the national anthem. It was only after the anthem that he had the opportunity to greet the visiting presidents, including Tinubu, who were seated in the second row.

Events of this magnitude often involve brief and hurried interactions, especially given the large number of dignitaries present. A snapshot or incomplete video can easily misrepresent the situation, which appears to be the case here.

Diplomatic Relations: Nigeria and South Africa

The diplomatic relationship between Nigeria and South Africa remains strong, with no recent indications of discord that would support the notion of a deliberate snub. Such interactions are often scrutinized under a microscope, where even minor missteps or delays can be misconstrued as significant slights.

Conclusion: Debunking the False Claim

In conclusion, the assertion that President Cyril Ramaphosa snubbed President Bola Ahmed Tinubu at his second presidential inauguration is unfounded. Comprehensive review of the footage and photos, along with an understanding of the event’s context, reveals that Ramaphosa did indeed greet Tinubu, and the perceived snub was a result of misinterpretation and incomplete visual evidence. Diplomatic relations between the two nations remain positive, further casting doubt on the veracity of the initial claim.



Did President Ramaphosa snub President Tinubu at his inauguration? No, the claim that President Ramaphosa snubbed President Tinubu is false. Evidence shows that Ramaphosa greeted Tinubu during the event.

What evidence refutes the claim that Ramaphosa snubbed Tinubu? Video footage and photos from multiple angles reveal that Ramaphosa did exchange pleasantries with Tinubu, contrary to the initial viral video’s limited perspective.

Why did the initial video suggest a snub? The initial video was recorded from an angle that did not capture the full sequence of events, leading to a misleading interpretation.

What was the seating arrangement at the inauguration? The first row was reserved for South African kings and royalty, with visiting dignitaries, including President Tinubu, seated in the second row.

How do diplomatic relations between Nigeria and South Africa currently stand? Diplomatic relations between Nigeria and South Africa are amicable, with no recent events indicating any significant discord.


Why is it important to verify such claims? Verifying claims prevents the spread of misinformation and ensures that diplomatic relations are not unnecessarily strained by unfounded reports.



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