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Rico’s Cousin Makes Big Revelation About Hospital where Rico Swavey Died


Hospital Where Died Owes Family – Cousin

The hospital where , alias Rico Swavey, passed away has been discussed by Mayo Dele, a cousin of the late Big Brother Naija participant.

He claimed that the family still owes N1.5m to the hospital where Rico Swavey passed away.

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During a media discussion this week, Rico Swavey’s family and friends stated that they wanted the general public to be aware of the precise circumstances surrounding the former BBN housemate’s passing.

We want to spread the truth, Dele remarked. We hope the truth of Rico Swavey’s passing on October 13, 2022, will be revealed so that our family can find solace.

I think it is required by law that hospitalized accident and gunshot victims receive appropriate care.

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Before treating Rico, they demanded N4.2 million when we arrived at Evercare Hospital in Lagos.

“They did not begin treating Rico until the doctor realized that he was a celebrity. Tomorrow, any other person could find themselves in that circumstance, and they would not treat the person.

We requested a return of the down payment we made for Rico’s medical care, but we have not yet received it.

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“We gave the hospital N3.5 million. The document states that N1.5 million was intended for the patient refund, but the total amount used was N1.98 million. That money has still not been returned as of right now.

Rico Swavey’s life was tragically taken by accident, said Swavey’s brother Leroy. I think this should serve as a wake-up call for society at large regarding how to protect Nigerians’ health and safety while still being humanitarian.

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