Rita Edochie Speaks on Destroying May and Yul Edochie’s Marriage

Rita Edochie, yul and judy

Rita Edochie Addresses Accusations Amid Yul Edochie’s Marital Issues

Veteran actress Rita Edochie has publicly addressed accusations that she played a role in the dissolution of the marriage between actor Yul Edochie and his first wife, May. Taking to Instagram, Rita vehemently denied any involvement in their marital issues, expressing her frustration with the ongoing speculation and social media attacks directed at her.

The 16-year marriage between Yul and May Edochie reportedly collapsed following Yul’s infidelity and subsequent marriage to fellow actress Judy Austin. The turmoil has led May to file for divorce, and Yul has been denied access to their marital home in Lagos.


In her Instagram post, Rita Edochie defended herself against accusations, emphasizing that Yul remains her son and that her support for May does not equate to destroying their marriage. She wrote, “Paid defenders of cheats and infidels before you see me or hear me talk on Queen May Edochie’s matter, something must have prompted it. Know this and know peace.”

Rita further addressed the attacks she has faced, stating that some individuals have accused her of causing the marital split due to her outspoken support for May. She clarified that her stance is based on her dislike for lies and her commitment to the truth, rather than any intention to harm May’s relationship.

She continued, “It beats my imagination how some people say I have succeeded in destroying May Edochie’s home… Their problem is that I hate lies, I support the truth, and I am supporting Queen May Edochie, who is being humiliated all over social media by drama devils and their cohorts.


Rita underscored that Yul remains an important figure in May’s life as the father of her children, and she urged detractors to stop their attacks. She concluded with a strong message to those she perceives as spreading falsehoods and creating drama.

The public fallout from Yul’s actions has garnered significant attention, with both he and his family members facing scrutiny from fans and media alike. Rita Edochie’s statements are a bid to clarify her position and to call for an end to the vilification she has experienced.

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