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See How Much Kanye west looses in a Day over Hate Speech


Loses Over $2 Billion In A Day Over Anti-Semitic Comment

Kanye West, an American rapper and fashion mogul, lost $2 billion in one day as a result of an antisemitic remark he made on social media a few days ago.

What is Anti-Semitic

Simply put, being anti-Semitic is having animosity or prejudice toward a particular group of people.

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The rapper stated in a since-deleted tweet, “I am a bit sleepy , but when I wake up I am gonna death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE.

The rapper was banned from utilising social media sites like shortly after making his post.

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Mega companies also severed their links with the rapper now known as Ye. For instance, the anti-Semitic remark caused his long-term association with Adidas, which made him a billionaire, to end.


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“Adidas rejects all forms of hate speech, including antisemitism. The company’s values of diversity and inclusion, mutual respect, and fairness have been violated by Ye’s recent comments and actions, according to the fashion behemoth. They are unacceptable, hateful, and dangerous.

He no longer qualifies as a billionaire because of his breakup with Adidas. Additionally, JP Morgan Bank and the clothing retailer Gap discontinued their relationships with Ye; meanwhile, Foot Locker, a well-known shoe retailer in the USA, gave its personnel the order to remove all Kanye West footwear from its stores.

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The rapper recently admitted that he lost $2 billion in a single day in a post on his verified Instagram account.

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“Ari Emmanuel,” he wrote. In a single day, I lost two billion dollars. I am still here, too. These are words of affection. Still, I adore you. God still cares about you. Money does not define who I am. Who I am is the people.

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