Shots fired at EFCC Lagos office as alleged siege continues


Shots fired at Lagos office


From within the barricaded premises of No. 15 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, taken over by the from the ), shots have been fired.


Since Tuesday morning, armed personnel have sole control of the premises, which were previously shared by both organisations.



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Armed and accompanied by two armoured vehicles, agents of the government’s secret “police” have prevented EFCC personnel from entering their offices on the premises.


Shots were fired just as from the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) approached the locked gate of the property to take close-up video footage.



The shots appeared to have been fired as a warning into the air.

Outside, none of the journalists and EFCC employees were injured.

There has been a silent dispute between the two agencies over the usage of the premises for the past two decades.


Since the establishment of the EFCC by former President Olusegun Obasanjo in 2003, the DSS and EFCC have shared the original DSS headquarters.

It has been learned that both agencies have attempted unsuccessfully to resolve the ownership dispute through discussions.


The EFCC condemned the blockade of its largest office in Lagos, Nigeria.


It described the occurrence as “strange” and added that the lockout has impacted the Commission’s operations, which involve over 500 employees, hundreds of exhibits, and a large number of suspects in detention.


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Wilson Uwujaren, the Head of Media and Publicity for the EFCC, warned in a statement that the siege has resulted in suspects being detained without proper care, which has grave repercussions.


It stated that its cases scheduled to be heard in court in Lagos on Tuesday have been cancelled and that it is unable to question a large number of suspects.


Despite photographic and video evidence, the DSS denied barring EFCC personnel.



Dr. Peter Afunaya, the agency’s spokesman, stated in a statement that the building belonged to his organisation.



“It is incorrect for the DSS to have prevented the EFCC from entering its office. No. It’s not the case. The Service only occupies its own facility when carrying out its official and legal responsibilities, according to Afunaya.



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