Soludo, Anambra Gov Speaks On $28m Collected To Blackmail Peter Obi

Peter Obi and Charles Soludo
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Prof. Charles Soludo, the governor of Anambra State, has responded to rumours that he amassed $28 million to attack , the ’s presidential candidate.

Soludo claimed that nothing of the sort occurred.

After the Thanksgiving mass at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, where he met Obi, in honour of Most Rev. Paulinus C. Ezeokafor’s 70th birthday, Soludo answered questions from newsmen in Awka, the capital of Anambra State.

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The governor of Anambra claimed, “If I had really received $28 million to threaten my brother Peter Obi, I should be very wealthy right now.

“For those fabricating blackmail and everything else, including the one they claimed I received a bribe to say what I said, I asked them to bring it so I can use it to build roads for the people of Anambra.

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“Today is a very unique day. It was Obi and I’s first time meeting in a public setting and in the Catholic Church that the two of us attend when we entered the service. I consider it to be divine.

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People stared in confusion as if it were a drama and questioned whether it was not the same people arguing when I hurriedly went to where he was sitting and hugged him, the man continued.

Speaking about their alleged disagreement, Soludo claimed it was political, highlighting the fact that he had just spoken to Obi twice the previous evening and that politics had not infiltrated their bond as brothers.

“There is no personal rift between Obi and me. Nobody stole the wives from one another. We seem to be at odds over fundamental political differences. not another.

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“We will meet in the coming weeks to discuss our fundamental differences. We have agreed to talk and resolve our issues,” he insisted.

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