Soludo blows hot again, threatens to remove politicians’ billboards


If politicians refuse to pay taxes on their billboards, Anambra State Governor has threatened to take down all of their property, Particularly bill board.

Remember that the governor, who declared before last year’s election that he knew where to find money from over the world, has since imposed a lot of taxes on the Anambra people.

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The state handed all politicians and political parties in the state with billboards two weeks’ notice to pay up, according to the most recent press release by Mr. Tony Ujubuonu, managing director of Anambra State Signage Agency, ANSAA.


We have issued all political parties and their candidates a two-week warning to make sure they have paid for all of their campaign billboards or face the wrath of the agency, according to Ujubuonu.

In a letter dated November 14, 2022, the “Anambra State Signage and Advertisement Agency urged all Out-of-Home Advertising Practitioners in the State to revalidate and register all of their billboards in the State.”


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He continued by saying that the Agency has instructed all owners of billboards to furnish the data necessary to register each billboard and pay for any campaigns.


The Agency is also aware that certain political party candidates are carelessly installing billboards on their own, without permission.

The Agency wants to make it clear that this is not only incorrect but also unlawful, and that any such billboard would be taken down immediately, the building confiscated, and then sold at auction.


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