Task Force Official Blows Tricycle Driver To Death Over N200

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Rivers Task Force Official Blows Tricycle Driver To Death Over N200


In Rivers State, a task force member allegedly punched a tricycle driver named to death after an argument over a N200 ticket levy.


It was reported that task force officials had signalled Esikak, who was transporting a passenger, to stop and demanded the money. However, Esikak explained that he had just started his business for the day and did not have the requested amount.



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Immediate argument ensued, and one of the task force members, identified as ‘Osisi’, who is suspected of being a cultist, punched the 39-year-old keke driver, causing him to fall to the ground.


Some of the victim’s coworkers reportedly rushed him to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead, according to our correspondent.



The tricycle drivers, angered by the news of Esikak’s demise, began a protest to voice their grievances, claiming that the daily harassment and extortion they endured at the hands of Osisi and his men was intolerable, as they bitterly recalled the brawl that led to Esikak’s death.

The angry tricycle drivers temporarily halted operations and marched from Ogbogoro to the Cool/Wazobia/Info FM complex in Port Harcourt, demanding justice for their deceased colleague.


Ivumba Friday, president of the Tricycle Union in Ogbogoro Community, accused Osisi of being behind the incident, describing him as a ‘cultist’ and ‘thug’ who has made life difficult for keke drivers.


Friday added that the illegal levies imposed on keke drivers by the suspect and his group have continued unabated in the area, and that the thugs have repeatedly harassed a vigilante group codenamed OSPAC in Ogbogoro without any attempt to apprehend them.


“This morning, Nsikak Esieme was murdered by Osisi, a cultist who has been terrorising Ogbogoro and our people daily,” he said. We have reported this incident to OSPAC and the police.


“Someone should arrest this particular criminal who has been terrorising keke individuals. The OSPAC will assist the subject Osisi in escaping. He frequently shattered their windscreen in Ogbogoro.



“Our keke people are law-abiding citizens who pay their levies daily. “As of this moment, we do not know the whereabouts of the body of our deceased member.”


While recounting what transpired, the deceased elder brother, Lucky Esieme, demanded the release of his brother’s body to the family.


“When I arrived home from work. I saw my younger brother’s wife in my home, and she informed me that he had transported a passenger to Ogbogoro junction en route.



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“Upon reaching the location, the task force members requested N200 from him. He informed them that he recently graduated and has not worked. From there, they struck the stomach of my brother.



“After he fell, he was rushed to the hospital. Later, it was reported that he was released from the hospital. I do not currently know where his corpse is. While fighting back tears, he explained, “I want to see my brother’s body and know how we’ll bury him.”


Grace Iringe-Koko, the state police command’s spokesperson, stated that she had not yet received a report on the incident because she had been in a marathon meeting.


She promised to inquire with the Ogbogoro Police Division and report back, but had not done so as of Thursday evening, when this report was filed.



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