Tension in UK as Putin spies Hacks, Liz Truss’ Phone for Top secret Info

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’ Phone Reportedly ‘Hacked By Spies’ For Top Secret Info, Private Messages

The Phone of Liz Truss, Britain’s Former Prime Minister has been allegedly “hacked by Putin spies” for Private Messages and for Top Secret Information.

This online newspaper reports that gents thought to be working for Vladimir Putin allegedly “hacked” Liz Truss’ personal phone.

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Agents allegedly working for the collected a year’s worth of communications and top-secret meetings with foreign friends.

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However, it is alleged that Simon Case, the cabinet secretary, and Boris Johnson agreed to keep quiet about the cyber attacks, which was uncovered during the Tory leadership race.

Allies reportedly “had trouble sleeping” until Mr. Case “imposed a news blackout” because they feared the story may hurt her chances of becoming prime minister.

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The explosive tale will cast doubt on Mr. Case’s and Mr. Johnson’s judgement as well as the security apparatus.

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Liz Truss’ Phone Reportedly ‘Hacked By Putin Spies’ For Top Secret Info, Private Messages

Despite several requests for an investigation, Mr. Case last week chose not to look into the alleged leak of private information by Home Secretary Suella Braverman.

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Quoting a UK government spokeswoman as saying, “We do not comment on individuals’ security preparations. The government has effective defences against online attacks.

“That includes guidance on securing their personal data and minimizing cyber dangers, as well as monthly security briefings for Ministers.

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It is said that conversations concerning the conflict in Ukraine with foreign partners, as well as specific details about armament shipments, were included in the texts that were collected.

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Additionally, there were other criticisms of Mr. Johnson from Ms. Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng, who would subsequently be chosen Chancellor, in discussions that could have exposed them to blackmail.

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