Terror Threat: American Soldiers Raid Abuja Estate


: The Trademore Estate in Abuja’s Lugbe neighbourhood has been invaded by Department of State Services () agents and .

The raid happened while fears of a terrorist assault in ’s capital were at an all-time high.

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A potential terrorist attack in Abuja, namely targeting government facilities, houses of worship, and schools, was foreshadowed by the United States and the .


Concerns regarding a potential terror threat in Nigeria’s capital were also expressed by the governments of Australia, Ireland, and Canada.

Movement was completely restricted during the operation on the Trademore Estate as security personnel swooped down on the accused.

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The estate’s administration issued a note warning residents to be vigilant about security.


The fact that our estate was completely shut down as a result of a high-powered sting operation in Phase 3 this afternoon is no longer news. The American Army and our DSS team worked together to solve the problem.

“While we are unable to provide complete information about the reason(s) for the operation, we can state that there was a claim of terrorist activity.

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Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for every homeowner to exercise extreme caution, KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS, and report any suspicious activity, person, or movement to the Exco, Street Reps, or the Police.

“We will keep working as hard as we can to maintain the estate secure for everyone. Security is everyone’s responsibility, and there should not be any slight dereliction of duty.

Finally, let us maintain our composure and carry on with our regular duties in accordance with the Law. God be with us all and keep us safe.


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