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Tinkov: Billionaire Renounces Russian Citizenship Over Ukraine Invasion


Due to his nation’s choice to attack , billionaire and serial entrepreneur has renounced his Russian citizenship.

He claims he does not want to be friends with murderers.

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Tinkov has been a vocal opponent of President and the invasion of Ukraine. His upstart digital credit card company, TCS Group Holding (TCSq.L), grew to become one of ’s largest financial institutions.

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The 54-year-old founder of Tinkoff Bank stated in an Instagram post on Tuesday that the invasion of an independent Ukraine was the basis for the decision.

A picture of a certificate renouncing Tinkov’s citizenship as of October 26 was included in an original Instagram post that was published on Monday.

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Tinkov claimed his post on Instagram with his certificate renouncing his Russian citizenship had “mysteriously disappeared” and blamed Kremlin trolls for it.

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The multi billionaire banker added that he was suing the bank to prevent it from continuing to use his name.

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“My post from yesterday has mysteriously vanished,” he stated. Definitely Kremlin trolls.

Reiterating: “After Russia invaded Ukraine and began slaughtering innocent people there, I chose to renounce my Russian citizenship.

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“I can not be linked to Putin’s fascist government. Additionally, I have hired attorneys to begin removing the Tinkoff brand from the bank.

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“I detest the idea of my name or business being connected to a bank that supports murder and bloodshed.

Oliver Hughes and Stanislav Bliznuyk told me and the public that Tinkoff Bank must change its name after they “agreed this with Kremlin government” and ejected me from the bank in March.

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