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Tinubu promises to “recharge Lake Chad” if elected


If elected president in the general elections of 2023, Asiwaju , the APC candidate, pledged to “recharge” .

At the Kolmani Integrated Development Initiative’s official launch on Tuesday in Bauchi State, Tinubu stated that the project has opened up new chances for the nation.

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In addition to Lake Chad, he promised to see that the Mambilla Hydro project is built to increase the nation’s supply of electricity.

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He commended for maintaining focus and promised to pick up where the president left off in 2023.

“Mr. President, you kept faith and maintained focus,” he remarked. Whatever your adversaries may say, you will always be yourself.

You emphasized during the primaries that there must be a level playing field for all candidates, regardless of whether we are facing north, east, or west.

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“That election produced me, as did Congress. I never imagined that I would have the chance to even appear before you to discuss a discovery of such importance, a discovery that would have a profound impact on our nation’s dynamics and make you the fortunate inheritor of a glorious past. You will have.

“Congratulations on maintaining your concentration and inspiring many of us. Every time we talk about the difficulties of terrorism and the lack of food, we bring up your many regrets.

“Let me tell you that I will recharge Lake Chad if I am elected president. You bring up Mambilla and power a lot. What a dilemma we are in! Even though we are not operating within the bounds of arithmetic, you are aware that once drawn, a circle must be broken in several ways.

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“Do not worry sir, whatever they say in the social media and television comments and write-ups, let me say that history will be very kind to you because you are in the class of great retired generals who came back to rescue their Countries,” the APC flag-bearer who compared the president to great leaders around the world said.

likes of Buhari of Nigeria, Winston Churchill of Great Britain, Eisenhower of America, and Charles De Gaulle of .

“No foreign flag is currently flying over our nation. Even though we may feel hungry, we can control it. We do not intend to murder one another.

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You offered us a road to success and prosperity today. The West and Europe are the only things I might want to omit and argue against.

They have begged us to exercise caution because they have developed their economy using our resources and fossil fuels.

We cannot continue to be hungry and starve to death, albeit I admire your response. Unless they make restitution for it, we must take care of ourselves, he continued.

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Asiwaju’s comments were made shortly after PDP member and governor of the Bauchi State, Sen. Bala Mohammed, referred to the people of Bauchi as “Buharists.”

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