Tinubu reveals type of govt he’ll form, says, Nigeria don’t need National Unity Govt


Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the incoming president, quashed the hopes of proponents of a government of national unity on Thursday by emphasising competence over such a political arrangement.

He stated that his goal was greater than a government of national unity and that he would rather select cabinet members based on their national competence than their religious affiliation.


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Tinubu issued a signed statement titled “Nigeria: On the Brink of New Hope” on Thursday, marking his first official statement since the Independent National Electoral Commission declared him president-elect on March 1.

The presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress received 8, 794, 726 votes to defeat Alhaji of the Peoples Democratic Party, Peter Obi of the Labour Party, and Rabiu Kwankwaso of the New Nigeria Peoples Party.


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Abubakar and Obi, who finished second and third in the election, respectively, are contesting the results in court and rejecting Tinubu’s olive branch. However, some Nigerians considered a government of national unity to quell the unrest over the election results.

In a statement addressed to Nigerians, the president-elect said, “As your incoming president, I accept the task at hand. There have been discussions of a national unity government. My goal is greater than that. I seek a competent national government. In choosing my government, I will not be influenced by factors unrelated to ability and performance. The time for political manoeuvring has long since passed. I will assemble capable men, women, and youth from across Nigeria to construct a safer, more prosperous, and more just Nigeria. There will be adolescents. Women shall hold prominent positions. Whether your religion leads you to pray in a church or a mosque has no bearing on your political position. Integrity and ability will.”

Commenting on the conduct of the presidential election, which was also criticised by some individuals, and asserting the right of aggrieved candidates to go to court, the ex-governor of Lagos State stated that a credible and fair election was held and won.


He stated, “A credible, fair election has been held and won. This victory’s honour and weighty responsibilities have been bestowed upon me. There is no room for such behaviour, so I say this without conceit or conceit. I simply present the facts as they exist. I am aware that many well-intentioned Nigerians voted for other candidates. Obviously, they are disappointed that their preferred candidate did not win. Other candidates have expressed their displeasure and stated they will contest the election in court. This is a fundamental aspect of the democratic process. We defend their right to pursue legal action. While they exercise the legal rights granted to them by our democracy, I’ve set my sights on the leadership of this country. We have important work to do, and I am committed to completing it for the benefit of everyone, regardless of whether they voted for me or voted at all.

Noting that now was not the time for continued animosity and partisan recrimination, Tinubu added that while negative things can arouse strong emotions, they do not lead to a better nation.

The incoming president stated, “Only unity and national commitment can achieve this objective. Critics of Nigeria have jumped to the incorrect conclusion that our political system is fragmented due to the impressive performance of new parties and their candidates. The emergence of new political parties and candidates demonstrates the dynamism of our democracy. People desire a functioning democracy in which their voices are heard and their interests are met. This is something that should be encouraged, not feared,”


According to him, what Nigerians should be concerned about is not the growth of political parties, but the resurgence of old prejudices and bigotries such as ethnicity, religion, and origin.

He remarked that as a nation and as individuals imbued with the love of God and neighbour, Nigerians were better than this, adding that at some point the citizens must decide whether they will be enticed by the ills of the past or whether they will be more courageously and nobly encouraged by the imminent prospect of a brighter future.

There have been times in our nation’s history when our governing institutions raised more questions than they answered. The arc of our political history, however, gives me hope that we can overcome this obstacle. We have traversed the darkness of the night to reach the dawn of brighter days to come. There is no valid reason to retreat into the shadows of bygone years.


Nation reconstruction
He urged rebuilding and repairing the nation, stating, “We must begin to repair and rebuild our national home.” There is sufficient time to complete the assignment, but time is of the essence. We must not delay or fret over the magnitude of the challenges we face. We are capable both mentally and physically. Now, we must demonstrate the spirit and resolve to accomplish the historic goals within our reach.

Indicating that securing Nigeria and making it prosperous must be top priorities, he stated that Nigerians cannot sacrifice these objectives for political expediency and that political whims must take a back seat to the imperatives of governance.

Tinubu explained, “We must construct bridges and roads not only for commerce and travel, but also to connect people of various faiths, political parties, and worldviews in harmonious dialogue and common purpose. Families must be nourished not only to eradicate hunger but also to foster enlightenment, civic responsibility, and compassion. We must create jobs not only to put people to work, but also to provide a higher standard of living that strengthens families, communities, and democracy. We have water to replenish not only to quench physical thirst, but also to spark a desire for innovative and superior solutions to society’s problems. We have a nation to defend, so we must eliminate all danger and even the fear of it. May all of our people be able to live their lives in the glow of expanding prosperity and peace.


Economic plans
The incoming president also supported the Supreme Court’s directive that the old N200, N500, and N1000 notes remain legal tender alongside the redesigned notes until December 31, thereby ending the lingering naira crisis.

The Godwin Emefiele-led Central Bank of Nigeria embarked on a redesign of the naira notes and disregarded the Supreme Court’s order to maintain the validity of the old notes, resulting in the frustration and hardship of bank customers.

Tinubu stated that the Supreme Court’s decision on the parity of old and new notes was a significant step towards restoring economic normalcy, adding, “This restores both the rule of law and economic decency. But the story does not end here. It is only the beginning of a more comprehensive economic solution.


In addition, he stated that his party’s “Renewed Hope Action Plan” outlined objectives for greater economic growth in the nation’s cities and rural communities and committed to a Gross Domestic Product growth of double digits.

“We are committed to an economy with a GDP growth of double digits, greater food security, a strengthened manufacturing base, and an active digital economy where young people will have ample opportunity to pursue their dreams and aspirations. I recognise that I am serving a greater purpose. As a result, I went directly to work. My team and I have engaged in daily discussions and meetings to hone our ideas and policy solutions so that we can immediately begin working for the common good upon assuming office. This great endeavour known as Nigeria calls to us all,” he stated.

Tinubu urged Nigerians to work together for the country’s benefit, and he urged those who voted for him to continue believing in his party’s policies and plans, as well as to reach out to their siblings who did not vote the same way.


He stated, “Extend the hand of friendship, reconciliation, and community to them. To those of you who did not vote for me, I implore you to have faith in Nigeria and your fellow citizens, including those who voted differently than you. I seek a better Nigeria for more than just myself and my supporters. It is yours equally. I do not request that you give up your political preferences. This would not be democratic. I implore you to respond to the call of patriotic duty as the faithful opposition.

“Remain faithful to the cause of a larger, more tolerant, and more equitable Nigeria. I will also maintain faith in this objective. Despite our political differences, we will begin the task of rebuilding our national home together day by day, brick by brick, if we all play our assigned roles. As a result, the triumph of national advancement will belong to all of us. The success of our nation’s democracy will credit you all as its authors. This is the way things ought to be. This is our country, dear Nigerians. Now is our opportunity. We dare not waste it. We do not accept a diminished version of ourselves or our collective destiny.

He noted that the country could no longer be content with calling itself the ‘giant of Africa,’ stating that Nigeria must dedicate itself to achieving the great and historic feats that only a giant is capable of.


As the incoming president of the people, Tinubu swore that he would do his utmost in this regard.

He added, “I implore you to do the same, not for me but out of an abiding love for your country and the people who share it with you. We are significantly superior to our past selves. Now is the time to stand firm and believe in the potential of our nation. I myself am standing. This time, however, I will not be the last or only survivor. Imagine how great we could be if more than 200 million other souls joined me. Let the world see that Nigeria is unstoppable.

LP and NNPP respond
Yunusa Tanko, the Chief Spokesman for the Obi-Datti Presidential Campaign Council, responded to Tinubu’s statement by stating that the party was not even interested in a government of national unity.

Legal battle
Tanko stated that the party was currently contesting the election process in court.

He asked, “How can Tinubu talk about a sham election that everyone in the world condemns?” For us, it is about questioning and modifying the procedure. The process is being contested by the LP as we speak, according to what we are saying. By infraction, we are challenging the Bola Tinubu presidency that it is being constructed using a flawed procedure that no one should accept. Even Tinubu himself should not have accepted it, as he was aware that the process was allegedly manipulated.

He added that the late President Umaru Yar’Adua had stated that the election that brought him to power was flawed and that he would rectify it.

Tanko continued, “Therefore, the Electoral Act was amended and billions of naira were spent to ensure that we have a technologically advanced process that has been demonstrated in some state elections, only to be undermined in the presidential election. That should not be permitted. As far as we are concerned, we will continue to challenge the procedure until we receive our mandate.”

In addition, Ladipo Johnson, the spokesman for the New Nigerian Peoples Party Presidential Campaign Council, stated that Tinubu may have been announced as the president-elect, but the party believed that the process was being reviewed by the court.

Johnson Regardless, it is his prerogative, as well as that of his party and supporters, to act as they choose and desire, regardless of the terminology they employ. Possibly, if the court allows him to continue.

He explained, “Nigeria is currently in a complicated state. We were polarised prior to the election, and I would venture to say that the presidential election has made us even more so. There is a quiet tension that permeates the country, and I pray that God grants all of our leaders the wisdom to navigate it. We only hope that Saturday’s election for governor will be peaceful.”

In contrast, Peoples Democratic Party National Publicity Secretary Debo Ologunagba told our correspondent that the PDP would respond to Tinubu’s statement.

He stated, “You know that our party doesn’t just react because someone said something; we will evaluate this statement.

“We will respond slowly. We will respond slowly. We will respond holistically as a party,” he said.




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