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By all accounts, Princess Toyin Kolade is a successful entrepreneur and well-known socialite in her own right. Many industries, including oil and gas, furniture, real estate, maritime, and hospitality are represented by the beautiful woman. She is married with two children. She has amassed a large network of acquaintances and enjoys widespread esteem among both young and old people, particularly in political, social, and business spheres. She is also up to date on the latest fashion trends in the world of fashion.

Toyin Kolade Wiki/Profile

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Name Toyin Kolade
Full Name Princess Toyin Kolade, Iyalaje Oodua
Date of Birth 13th July, year not Stated
Age unknown
Husband Prince Kayode Kolade
Net Worth over $2million

Toyin Kolade  Net worth and Toyin Kolade Biography

Toyin Kolade Biography


Princess Toyin Kolade (birthed 13th July) is a Nigerian businesswoman who is well-known in the country. She is the Chief Executive Officer of Fisolak Global Resources and the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Rashkol International Logistic ltd, both of which are located in Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria. She is a well-known public personality in the city of Lagos, and she is affectionately known as the “Iyalaje of Apapa.”

Toyin Kolade Early Life

Princess Toyin was birthed in the state of Osun and is descended from the town of Ilesha in the same state. Princess Toyin, as her name implies, was born into the royal family of Atakumose, which is located in Japan. She grew up in Ijesha, where she spent her formative years.

Toyin Kolade Career

Princess Toyin Kolade has always been a businesswoman, and she officially launched her company two decades ago with a focus on clearing and forwarding services in Nigeria. The company that began out as a tiny operation has grown into a magnate that is involved in a wide range of endeavours.


When her parent company, Fisolak Global Resources, was established in Apapa in 1996, her vision was broadened even further. Apapa has remained her headquarters to this day.

Besides being a princess, Princess Toyin is also a humanitarian who operates a charity that she has chosen to keep secret from the public. It is the fact that she impacts people’s lives and puts smiles on their faces that, in her opinion, is the most important thing, and she does it without having to say anything about it. She considers herself to be one of the busiest businesswomen in the country, and she claims that she does not have time for breaks or holidays.

Princess Toyin is also a prophetess, according to legend. Aside from that, she is a tremendous fan of fashion and beautiful music. Several musicians have written glowing reviews about her on their CDs.

Before she was twenty-one, she claimed to have amassed a million-dollar net worth.

Toyin Kolade husband


Toyin Kolade Parents

Princess Toyin Kolade was born into family of Prince Adejuyigbe. Her mother’s name was Madam Comfort Adejuyigbe. Toyin Kolade’s mum is from the royal ruling family of Biladu ruling house and Arimoro Royal ruling house in Ijebuland.

Toyin Kolade and her husband
Princess Toyin Kolade and her husband on his birthday , Toyin Kolade Biography , Toyin Kolade net worth

Toyin Kolade Husband

Toyin Kolade is Prince Kolade Kayode.

Deputy Comptroller of the Nigerian Customs Service, Prince Kolade Kayode, and Princess Toyin Kolade are married, and their union has resulted in the birth of three children.

The extremely attractive princess, Tofarati Ige, told me she was confident no one could take her husband away because, in addition to being a dedicated businesswoman, she is also the best of homemakers and knows how to make a man happy when the right strings are pulled. Prince Kolade, who always has a happy expression on his face and a robust build, can attest to this.

Toyin Kolade son .

Toyin Kolade son is Idris Aregbe


In the year 2018, Hon. Idris Aregbe  was  nominated as the Lagos State Organising Youth Secretary by the  All Progressive Congress (APC) chapter, which is part of the ruling party.

iyalaje oodua


Toyin Kolade as Iyalaje Of Oduduwa

Gender or sexual orientation have no bearing on how far one can go in life; only commitment, hard work, focus, and dedication can determine this. Toyin Kolade, the CEO of Fisolak Global Resources Ltd. and the crown princess of Osun State, is one of the most prominent successful women who claims to have proven this.

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Princess (Dr.) Toyin Kolade has been formally established as the Iyalaje of the Oduduwa Race throughout the world.


Several months after Princess Kolade was bestowed with the title by Arole Oduduwa and the Ooni of Ife, Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi II, the event has been the talk of the town for quite some time.

Toyin Kolade Net Worth

Princess Toyin Kolade is estimated to have a net worth of more than $10 million. She claimed to have accumulated a million-dollar net worth before turning twenty-one.

toyin kolade biography


Toyin Kolade Social media

Princess Toyin Kolade Instagram is @princesstoyinkolade.

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