Tragedy as goalkeeper dies after saving penalty in Belgium, cause of Death Emerges


A goalkeeper, , died of a heart attack mere seconds after saving a penalty kick.

On Saturday, Arne Espeel, 25 years old, was playing for Winkel Sport B against Westrozebeke in Belgium when a shocking incident occurred.

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The stopper’s team was leading 2-1 when the opponent was awarded a penalty kick early in the second half.


It was reported that he saved the penalty by diving in the correct direction to maintain his team’s advantage.

But immediately after celebrating, the football player collapsed to the ground in front of stunned teammates and spectators.

Arne Espeel: Tragedy as goalkeeper dies after saving penalty in Belgium


As emergency services rushed to the scene, medics rushed to the field to save the injured player.

Nonetheless, Espeel was declared dead at the hospital.

The match, which was played in the seventh division, was called off.


The heartbreaking scenes occurred in front of Espeel’s parents and brother Aaron, who was on the Winkel Sport bench as a substitute.

After the tragic incident, the club issued the following statement: “Arne has played for us since he was a child, and everyone loved him.

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“It is incomprehensible how something like this could occur to someone so young.


This is a tragedy and a shock for us all, said Winkel sporting director Patrick Rotsaert. “He was previously in perfect health,” he added.

He described Arne as a gentleman who was always willing to help others, describing the goalkeeper’s passing as a devastating loss for his family and the entire club.

The sister club of Winkel, Eendracht Hooglede, stated, “We were shocked to learn of Arne Espeel’s passing.


We will observe a moment of silence in remembrance of his tragic loss.

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