UNIBEN Students Beat up Soldier For Assaulting Their Colleagues At ATM Queue [Video]


Uniben students beat soldier: A Nigerian soldier who assaulted one of their female student at an ATM booth on campus was harassed and beaten up by students at the University of Benin (UNIBEN).

According to reports, the incident occurred on Thursday afternoon when a group of soldiers entered the university and attempted to use ATMs due to the country’s apparent scarcity of new Naira notes.

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The soldiers allegedly attempted to bypass the queue and withdraw money from the school ATM, but the students resisted and insisted that they join the queue.


According to a source, the soldiers angrily ordered the students to lie down, resulting in an exchange of words and the involvement of the institution’s Chief Security Officer (CSO).

During the confrontation, the soldiers became agitated and slapped the CSO for interfering in their matter by attempting to mediate a peaceful resolution between the military men and the students.

According to reports, the soldiers also beat up some male students before assaulting a female student for allegedly recording them. The situation quickly deteriorated, with both parties engaging in a physical altercation.


In a video circulating on social media, the students can be seen harassing and assaulting a soldier before barricading the roads and preventing motorists and travelers from moving until justice is served for their colleagues and the soldiers are brought to justice.

“The soldiers came into the school to withdraw the new naira notes,” a source said. They also instructed all students to lie down while they withdraw money.


“Some Uniben students disagreed and began dragging with them. The fight became physical and was reported to the school security office. They instructed students to lie down while they withdrawn funds.

“The soldiers slapped the CSO and injured two students who were transported to UBTH. They were still allowed to leave by school security. SUG and his comrades became enraged and blocked the expressway.”

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“A female student who was at the scene was using her phone, and the soldiers thought she was recording them,” according to another source. They gave their female colleague the order to beat her blue and back. Fortunately for the victim, the school’s security came to her aid.


“The soldiers confronted the school’s security personnel over their intervention and students who witnessed the ugly incident created a scene and assaulted one of the soldiers.

“They then chased the soldiers out of the school grounds and took to the main road, chanting songs in protest of their female colleague’s harassment.”

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