Valentine Day 2024: 100 Lovely Valentine Messages For Everyone


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Every year on February 14th, people celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day, also known as the Feast of Saint Valentine.

This online news outlet is aware that Valentine’s Day is observed in observance of Saint Valentine, one of the early Christian martyrs, and that it has grown into a popular commercial, religious, and cultural holiday throughout the world due to later folk customs.


being Valentine’s Day 2024, Ejes Gist News Nigeria Team compiled a great number of valentine Love messages that will assist you to wish your soulmate a happy Valentine’s day. You can send them as a Valentine’s Day text message, a Valentine’s Day card, or even with flowers and gifts. According to your requirements, scroll down and select the appropriate option.

Romantic Valentine Messages

My love for you has no end, no boundary. Happy Valentine’s Day my forever valentine.

You’re all that I need, sweetheart. Having you in my life is a dream come true for me.


Never will I tyre of falling in love with you all over again. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I wish you a day filled with affection and kisses! Valentine’s Day greetings, my love!


Happy Valentine’s Day to the sweetest valentine I could want. I am delighted that you are my sweetheart.

Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart! I cannot conceive of my existence without you by my side.

This special occasion simply affords me another opportunity to express my love for you. Happy Valentine’s day my forever valentine.


Never will I tyre of loving you. You are one of the greatest blessings in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I feel so fortunate to have you by my side, sweetheart. Happy Valentine’s Day, life partner!


For your boyfriend, Valentine’s Day love messages 

Have the happiest valentine’s day my love. I will always be there for you when you need me. I’ll keep loving you until the day I die. Promise.

Yes I wrote your name in the sky, but the wind blew it away. I wrote your name in the sand, but the waves washed it away. I wrote your name in my heart, and forever it will stay. Happy Valentine’s Day 2024!


You’re my forever happy place and the only treasure that makes me the richest person in this universe. I can’t afford to lose you. Not for a single moment. You know!

On this special day, all I wish for you is that you find the arms that give you the warmth of love & hugs of strength. Happy valentine’s day.

I asked God for a flower, he gave me a bouquet. Yes, I asked God for a minute; he gave me a day. I asked God for true love; he gave me that too. I asked for an angel and he gave me you. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Romantic Valentine Wishes

Do you know why there are spaces between your fingers? So that I could fill in the spaces by holding your hand. Happy Valentines Day Dear.



You are my life’s princess. On Valentine’s Day, I hope you have a life full of love.

Every day I don’t spend with you is a day I don’t use well. I don’t want to waste a single second of Valentine’s Day. Today, lots of love for you!

The best love story is when love comes from the heart and the lover comes from heaven. Thanks for being my girlfriend. Good luck on Valentine’s Day!

My valentine, I promise to be the best man I can be for you, to keep you safe, and to love you until my last breath. Happy Valentine’s day!

It’s like being on a roller coaster to fall in love with you. There are ups and downs. But I’m having a great time on this trip. I don’t want this trip to ever be over.

Happy Valentine’s Day, my little girl! You’re the girl I’ve dreamed about since I was a kid.

Without you, there is no life. When I’m with you, I’m having the best times of my life. Love, happy Valentine’s Day!

Romantic Valentine Wishes for Boyfriend

When you’re with me, I can feel love in the air. I’m not sure if it’s real or magic. I love you and want to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!

My world would not be as vibrant and melodic without you. You’re the ideal boyfriend I’ve always dreamed of. Good luck on Valentine’s Day!

Good luck on Valentine’s Day! I can’t even imagine living without you, my dear love. I’m whole because of you, and I like it that way.

For my Valentine, Cupid’s arrow hit the mark, and I’m so lucky to spend it with you. Thank you for coming into my life, my soulmate. Good luck on Valentine’s Day!

Darling, you are the only one who gets me like you do. Every Valentine’s Day, all I want is to be with you. I love you so much! Dear, happy Valentine’s Day!

You are the dream man for me. Every day, my love for you grows stronger, and I can see myself spending the rest of my life with you. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart!

valentine messages for boyfriend

I think we were meant to be together. We did the perfect bad thing to get each other’s hearts. Right? My bubble tea, happy Valentine’s Day!

Just having you in my life makes everything worth it. I’m the happiest person in the world because of you, honey. Good luck on Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to the best husband in the world! My heart will always belong to you. I love you.

Happy Valentine’s Day to the man I love! I just want you to know that I love you right now, tomorrow, and for the rest of my life!

God has given me so much that I don’t know how to thank him. Yes, I can’t wait for this Valentine’s Day to celebrate how much I love you.


May the kind God bless us with a long and happy marriage. I want nothing else but for you to always be in my life.

Dear Husband, every other day of my life is Valentine’s Day for you. We appreciate you being there. Good luck on Valentine’s Day!

There is no greater honour than for you to love me because I am a gem. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!

Valentine image messages for boyfriend

Romantic Valentine Messages

You are the only person who can deal with me no matter what and not lose her cool. You love me a lot, which is why you can put up with how strange I am. Thank you for being this way. Good luck on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Love Messages For Wife

I want to love you more than anyone else has or will ever love anyone else. I want to keep you with me for life, no matter where we go.

The following article are recommended for you to specifies your Valentine Celebration. 


Happy Valentine’s Day to the best wife in the whole world! You make me happy, and I want you to know that.

Happy Valentine’s Day, mom of my children! You are a beautiful woman on the inside and out, and I can’t believe how well you do your daily chores. We appreciate everything!

You are the angel who came from heaven to make people’s lives better. I was lucky that it was me! Good luck on Valentine’s Day!

I love you, and it doesn’t matter to me if there’s any reason to. I love you for who you are and everything you do. And I’ll love you until the day I die.

I’m grateful to fate and God for putting you in my life and turning it into a great adventure. May this love be soft and true, honest and honest.

There are no words to describe how strong and devoted my love for you is. Thank you for giving me something to live for. Happy Valentine’s Day, darling.

valentine’s day message for wife

Valentine messages for boyfriend, wife and girlfriend 

I don’t really need Valentine’s Day to tell you I love you, because I love you all the time. Together, always and forever.

Thank you for bringing me and my family together. I can’t think of a single day of my life without you, darling. Happy Valentine’s day. I love you so much!

Romantic Valentines Day Wishes For Crush

I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day. Please let me love you and be my partner for life.

If you decide to be my Valentine, it will be a great day for me. So, are you going to be my Valentine?

Ever since I met you. I’ve been living in a false reality. Everything looks like a lie, and the only thing that seems to be true is you. Good luck on Valentine’s Day!

You are the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen. Your beauty made me want to stay where we met. Good luck on Valentine’s Day!

I love you more than I love myself. Yes, I promise to make you happy and do whatever you tell me to do. Are you going to be my Valentine?

I think about you all the time. Yes, I always think about you. You are on my mind all the time. Keep my heart, and please be my Valentine.

When I see you, my heart stops beating. I like you, and who knows, maybe by next Valentine’s Day we’ll be together. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day until then, my crush.

Romantic Valentine Message For Him

My real man, happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you so much for being so great.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my man! You are one of a million guys who look like you. I’m glad to call you mine.

I got lucky when I found you. I hope you will always let me love you this way. Happy valentine.

You understand what makes me happy. I want to thank you on Valentine’s Day for never judging me.

Happy Valentine’s Day, man! I love you because you have no doubts about how much you believe in me.

I hope that the person I love most has a fun-filled Valentine’s Day. Thank you for being patient with me for so long.


Love, have a happy Valentine’s Day! You are my favourite good luck charm.

Romantic Valentine Messages For Her, Him boyfriend 

You improve every day, and today is no different. Have a happy valentine, my love!

Happy Valentine’s Day to the most beautiful girl in the whole world! You and I are the perfect match. Aren’t we lucky?!

Happy valentine sweetie. I can’t believe I get to spend the rest of my life with someone as beautiful as you. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted.

Good luck on Valentine’s Day, girl! You are my bright light in the middle of the night.

I want to wish my girl a happy Valentine’s Day. You are everything to me. I love you very much, honey.

Happy Valentine’s Day my lady. I love you more and more every day because of how beautiful you are and how classy you are.

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