Video Of Actor Hanks Anuku Speaking Italian, French, Dutch, Yoruba, Igbo And Hausa Fluently (Video)

Hanks Anuku: Viral Video insinuating insane Destroyed My Career
Hanks Anuku: Viral Video insinuating insane Destroyed My Career

Movie Star Hanks Anuku Stuns Fans by Speaking 7 Languages Fluently

Popular movie star Hanks Anuku has left fans in awe after demonstrating his fluency in seven languages in a viral video. During an interview with content creator Lucky Udu, Anuku effortlessly spoke Italian, French, Dutch, English, Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa, showcasing his remarkable linguistic abilities.

Fans were particularly impressed by Anuku’s seamless transitions between the languages as he gave short commentaries in each. The interview took a fascinating turn when Udu, curious about Anuku’s accent, inquired about his multilingual proficiency. Anuku explained that his extensive travels and time spent living in the United States, the United Kingdom, and other countries contributed to his diverse language skills.

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“I was more in England than in the States. Then other countries like Italy. I traveled a lot,” Hanks Anuku explained during the interview.


Reactions from Fans

The video sparked a wave of reactions on social media, with fans expressing both surprise and admiration for Anuku’s talents:

  • @stephen_ogugua remarked, “People that speak lots of languages usually dey get sko sko for head, abi I lie ?? 😂”
  • @cokeslim commented, “If this one catch client. Otilo.”
  • @our__nation wrote, “Italia. He said, ‘How are you? Is everything alright with you? I really feel good, and that is true. I have been to many countries long time ago.’ That was not Dutch but German.”
  • @oyin_dml suggested, “Nollywood should milk this and do some real classic movie with him in international theaters like drug cartels and co.”
  • @erasandopoche added, “He was always coming from abroad in his movies. Turns out it was a real-life thing.”
  • @olacutetunes asked, “Is he Yoruba or Igbo? His Yoruba sounds a lot better than his Igbo.”

Anuku’s impressive linguistic display has certainly captured the attention of many, sparking conversations about his talents and potential new roles in Nollywood that could leverage his multilingual skills

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