VP Shettima Reveals Shocking Truth About Tinubu’s Tax System


VP Shettima: ‘Our Taxes Are Not to Frustrate Nigerians, But to Create a System


Vice President Kashim Shettima has reassured Nigerians that the tax reforms under the Tinubu administration are designed to improve the system for the overall benefit of all citizens, not to frustrate any sector of the economy.


Speaking at the close-out retreat of the Presidential Fiscal Policy and Tax Reforms Committee in Abuja, Shettima emphasized that the goal is to create an administrative system that ensures the benefits of a thriving tax regime for all Nigerians.

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The Vice President noted that the dynamics of the nation’s fiscal landscape prompted the Tinubu administration to pause and reconsider the direction it was going.


Our aim remains the revitalization of revenue generation in Nigeria while sustaining an investment-friendly and globally competitive business environment,” he said.

Shettima expressed confidence in the ability of the committee to deliver on the mandate, emphasizing the significance of the task ahead. “We are gathered today because we are transitioning from the phase of proposal to the phase of implementation.

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I am confident that both the federal and state governments stand ready to ensure the effective implementation of your reform proposals, and we shall provide the institutional framework to guarantee the adoption of the consensuses of this committee, aligning them with our economic agenda,” he added.

The tax reforms are a welcome development for Nigerians who have long suffered under a cumbersome and inefficient tax system. With the government’s commitment to effective implementation, there is hope for a brighter economic future for all Nigerians.



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