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Watch AKSU student viral video on Twitter Here : Outrage on Social Media


Watch full tape of AKSU Student Video on Twitter 

  • The AKSU Student Video on Twitter has gone viral.

Ejes Gist Newspaper has obtained the AKSU Student Video on Twitter

After an AKSU student hooked up with an unnamed male and the guy recorded their enjoyment moment, the internet went chaotic yesterday.

Her Jealous Girlfriend shared the footage following a violent dispute, according to Ejes Gist Newspaper’s correspondent.


After receiving threats, she leaked it, eliciting a wide range of reactions and anger from the internet.

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The lady is a 200-level Akwa Ibom State University student, according to reports (AKSU).. The male Student calmly waits, kneeling with four arms on a bed spread with white sheets, while the guy places the recording device, which is believed to be a cell phone, on a surface.



AKSU Student Video on Twitter below 👇

According to a Twitter user, the girl in the video is named Idara and goes by the nickname Al Gold. She is a 200-level student at Akwa Ibom State University, according to reports.

For the time being, the name and social media handles of the young man who f*cked Idara are unknown. More excavations are underway.

According to reports, the young man sold the s*xtape to Idara’s former acquaintance for N2,000, although we don’t know how genuine that is.

Is this some kind of extortion? – Because it clearly resembles one. The initial Twitter user said that the boy in the video is an Akwa Ibom State University dropout.Photos of Idara AI Gold can be found below:

It might interest you to watch the viral s*x video.

Watch Video Here. AKSU Student Video on Twitter



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