Watch Video as Popular Pilgrim Dies After Shouting Anti-Israel and Pro-Hamas Slogans (Full Details)

A Jordanian pilgrim in Mecca yelled _Death to Israel_ and _Long live Hamas_ nonstop

Jordanian Pilgrim in Mecca Dies After Shouting Anti-Israel and Pro-Hamas Slogans

In a dramatic turn of events during a pilgrimage in Mecca, a Jordanian pilgrim tragically passed away shortly after shouting controversial slogans.

Reports indicate that the pilgrim, whose identity remains undisclosed, repeatedly yelled “Death to Israel” and “Long live Hamas” before suddenly collapsing due to a heart attack.


In a now-viral video obtained by Ejes Gist News, shared by Israeli social media influencer Hananya Naftali with the X handle @HananyaNaftali, the Jordanian pilgrim can be seen shouting repeatedly “Death to Israel” and “Long live Hamas.” Minutes later, he was confirmed dead.

Watch Video of a Jordanian pilgrim in Mecca shouting “Death to Israel” and “Long live Hamas” nonstop


The incident occurred amidst a solemn gathering, underscoring the sensitivity and emotional intensity often associated with religious pilgrimages.

A Jordanian pilgrim in Mecca yelled "Death to Israel" and "Long live Hamas" nonstop

Witnesses described the atmosphere as tense following the pilgrim’s outburst, with some expressing shock and disbelief over the sudden turn of events.

Authorities have not yet provided detailed information on the circumstances leading to the pilgrim’s demise or the immediate response following his collapse.

However, multiple sources have confirmed the death of the Jordanian pilgrim in Mecca, who yelled “Death to Israel” and “Long live Hamas” nonstop.


The incident has sparked speculation and discussion, with many pro-Israel individuals sharing the news on X.

Recall that on December 13, 2023, a dramatic incident also occurred in the Turkish parliament, where Member of Parliament Hassan Bismet spoke out harshly against Israel and shouted, “You will not get rid of the wrath of Allah.” Seconds after the statement, he suffered a heart attack.

Watch Moment Lawmaker Collapses Immediately After Saying Israel Will Suffer ;Wrath of Allah (video)




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