Week 32 Pool Banker Room Saturday February 10 2024 – Sure Banker, Pool Draw This Week 32

Week pool Banker Room ,Week 20 Pool Banker Room Week 20 Banker Room

Pool Draw This Week 32: 2024 Banker Room Saturday, February 10.

For , , and this week’s Prove Your Banker, Pair, or Winning Line Here.


2024 and Week 32 pool draw for Saturday, February 10, 2024: Welcome to the 2024 banker’s room. pool draw this week. 32 pool bankers are needed for this weekend’s draw based on coupon selection. Here in our , forecasters from all over the world can share their vast knowledge of the football pool soccer coupon and make bankers, pairs, and winning lines for each week of play on the coupon.


To make this forum competitive and avoid spammers, comments will have to go through approval by the administrator before they will be displayed for viewing by our visitors and fans. Be aware that the administrator will not approve comments with irrelevant information or information that has nothing to do with the week of play.

Drop your sure bet for the week here. It will be highly appreciated by our viewers if you prove your draws, pair winning lines, and contribution to our banker room. Your efforts in ensuring prompt weekly winners will also be highly appreciated by all visitors and members of this website.

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Banker Room

There is no successful forum without a set of rules that guide and govern it. Before we go deep into the rules that guide this discussion room for this week, here is a quick guide to the purpose, aim, and objectives of this week’s 32 pool banker room 2024 and pool draw this week.

1) To ensure that members and visitors to this weekly forum win frequently;


2) To allow forecasters to share ideas for current coupon key sequences;

3) To assist our esteemed visitors from all over the world in reaping the benefits of your wealth of experience and contributions.


10) To make this forum a place where people can make a living, help each other, and get up-to-date information about football pools.


Week 32 Pool Fixtures Sat 10 Feb 2024 – Wk32 uk pool fixture

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Before you post your draws for this week, here are the rules and regulations guiding visitors to post bankers on this thread: It is important to pay attention to this set of rules or guidelines to get your bank accounts approved by our administrator. Failure to adhere to these terms will attract automatic disqualification from your post by the administrator.


Here in our banker’s room, you are required to post just your best banker, winning line, pair, or nap for this round of play, backed up with current or past working proofs. You are entitled to post as many times as you want as long as it’s not irrelevant (posting replies more than once is only permitted with the consent of the administrator). Observations and other discussions should be moved to the Dead and Discussion Room.


Week 32 Pool Banker Room

Mobile numbers or contact information such as phone numbers and email addresses should not be displayed in the body of your comment. That is, you are not permitted to write your contact information while publishing your bankers’, pairs’, etc. If a visitor or member of this thread or forum wants to appreciate your efforts, you will be connected to whomever they contact in the administration, and your gift or token reward will be handed over to you by the administrator.

Week pool Banker Room ,Week 20 Pool Banker Room Week 20 Banker Room

No spam, suspicious, or advertising comments are allowed in this banker’s room. Any spam or ads are automatically deleted, and this section will not approve them.No buying and selling of games on this thread.


Week 32 Pool Banker Room 2024

Lastly, to every member and visitor of this pool’s banker room, making use of the published comments here is strictly at your own choice and risk. Always insist on verifying the proofs attached to the number of your choice and check to see if the sequence is current and still working. Analyze the games before you proceed to place your coupon betting slip. This is to ensure success, notwithstanding that games do fail even with good working proof. Insist on working pool information.



Week 32 Pool Banker Room 2024

PLEASE NOTE: This forum is strictly for pool information and sure-banker predictions. Just play your part by being honest with yourself first, and then make yourself a reputable character or household name on this forum. Then you can be appreciated by the admin or any other visitors to Africa’s largest pool banker room.


The administrator of this one banker forum is a seasoned expert and detailed professional football pools pundit. So be rest assured that the activities of this forum will be handled professionally and in all manner of fairness.



Contact the admin on:

Email: [email protected]

Other Week 32 Coupon Information

Void: –

E.K.O.: –

L.K.O.: –

Sunday: –

Monday: –

Panel: –

Others: Saturday.

( and Coupon information is updated every day in the comments section.  You can check our Pool Result This Week for the most recent updates.).

 This Week 32 Pool Banker Room 2024 will be superb.  


See Week 32 Pool Banker Room 2024 below.



  1. Week31 Red
    Exeter vs Charlton–1:2 fail
    Fleetwood vs Burton.A 2:3 fail
    Week32 Purple

    Burton.A vs Exeter—21 ?
    Charlton vs Fleetwood–22?

  2. Week 32 2022/23

    Starting from week 24
    *Previous purple week+1 and +21
    *Advance purple week or week no+4

    Week 24 2022/23
    Previous purple week=20
    Week no=24+4=28X
    21X28X41X 3/3

    Week 28 2022/23
    Previous purple week=24
    Week no=28+4=32X
    25X32X45X 3/3

    Week 32 2022/23
    Previous purple week=28
    Week no=32
    29X36X49X 3/3

  3. Week 31
    Aston Villa vs Leicester @ 1 = FFF
    Tottenham vs Man City @ 7 = FFF

    Week 32
    Leicester vs Tottenham @ 6 = ???
    Man City vs Aston Villa @ 7 = ???

    USE: 6 and 7 = For one X

  4. Week32 Blast!
    Prove, whenever Northampton played draw in Red week, the following week being Purple, take the above digits for possible draws.
    May God perfect it for us.
    Admin over to u.


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