Why Atiku should Be disqualified – Okonkwo

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reveals Why Should have been Disqualified from the 2023 Presidential Race

, the Peoples Democratic Party’s () presidential candidate for the 2023 election, should have been disqualified, according to Kenneth Okonkwo, a chieftain of the in Abuja, “for making a genocidal statement” in Kaduna recently.

Recall that Atiku faced criticism from the majority of the people after an interactive session with Arewa groups in Kaduna State earlier this month for telling Northerners to vote for him in the 2023 election because he is from the north.

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In reference to the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate Bola Tinubu and his Labour Party rival, , he urged his audience not to back a Yoruba or Igbo candidate.

That one phrase, in Okonkwo’s opinion, ought to have “disqualified” Atiku from the 2023 presidential election.

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He travelled to the North and declared a genocide. This is what started the Rwandan genocide.

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When Hutus were informed that supporting Tutsis was inappropriate because they were cockroaches, Okonkwo claimed in a Thursday night interview with Channels TV’s Politics Today.

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“Atiku Abubakar travelled to the North and proclaimed that northerners should only support other northerners, not Yoruba or Igbo. That can be classified as Ethnic profiling which is general is a Genocidal statement.


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