Why We Intervened In Fuel Scarcity – DSS


DSS Fuel Scarcity: The increasing scarcity of fuel has drawn the attention of the Department of State Services (DSS).

The DSS gave an explanation for why it was entering the nation’s fuel crisis.

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Nigerians have been waiting in line at gas stations for fuel for several weeks.


The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Limited (NNPCL) provided assurances, but the issue has persisted.

The secret police met with oil marketers and other industry participants on Thursday.

Peter Afunanya told reporters after the meeting that the DSS’s intervention had become necessary to avoid any security implications or negative aspects that could result from the “ugly trend.”


DSS Fuel Scarcity 

In order to prevent incitement in the nation before the following year or during the holiday season, he continued, the service was being proactive.

“We say enough is enough! The DSS called the meeting due to the potential security implications of this trend. Whatever the obstacles, the trend needs to be stopped. Fuel shortages will not be tolerated any longer. Make sure there is a sufficient supply.

The service is mandated to detect and prevent crimes and criminalities that may want to jeopardise internal security, and this one is not an exception, he asserted. “Some people may want to query what is our business in the fuel issues,” he said.

DSS Fuel Scarcity: “NNPC has 1.9 billion litres on hand.”

According to the DSS spokesman, the NNPCL committed to working with depot owners through DAPMAN in order to sell to marketers at former depot prices.


He continued by saying that NNPCL had disclosed that it had approximately 1.9 billion litres of fuel in stock, which would last past the holiday season and relieve Nigerians of their current suffering.

“We are not claiming it is sabotage, but if it turns out to be economic sabotage, we will be ready for it. Everyone at the meeting was open and honest. According to NNPCL, there is enough fuel. However, why the shortage? But we came to the following conclusion:

“That all marketers can continue to purchase the products from NNPCL at ex-depot prices. A decentralisation of the NNPCL’s distributions across the nation was also agreed upon.

More on the DSS Fuel Scarcity

“That marketers will work around-the-clock, and MOMAN and NNPCL will review supply and distribution issues daily.


“We hereby give all stakeholders a 48-hour deadline to remove all bottlenecks. If any person or stakeholder chooses to be a hindrance, we will urgently carry out operations. To all obstructive tendencies, we are issuing a warning. Nothing will go on as usual.

If the issues continue after 48 hours, we will notify our State and zonal commands to start operations both openly and covertly.


Participants in the meeting from MOMAN, DEPMAN, IPMAN, NNPC, NARTO, NUPENG, and PTD were among the stakeholders.

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