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Wike blows Hot, Dares Ayu to terminate the Political Ambition of his Loyalists and He’d Crumble PDP


Wike to Ayu: I dare you to stop political ambition of any of my loyalists

of Rivers State recently issued a challenge to Iyorchia Ayu, the ’s national chairman, to prevent any party member from running for office.


In response to a recent statement made by Ayu in Gboko, Benue State, in which he claimed he could have prevented the political aspirations of those asking for his resignation, Wike engaged in the altercation.

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In response to the accusations made against her, Ayu stated: “I have remained silent because I do not want the party I support in my state to suffer any divisions.

It is required that I must sign before you go anyplace, so I have the authority to declare, “You and you will not go anywhere.”

“However, whether I like it or not, I signed for all candidates produced by the PDP to pursue their ambitions.”

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In response, Wike stated yesterday that he had challenged Ayu to prevent any party member from running in the 2023 elections.

“I dare the to prevent any candidate from running in the election,” stated Wike.

I challenge Ayu to prevent any PDP candidate from running for office. He lacks the authority.

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“I heard him when he claimed he could have prevented Ortom from seeking office. You can see the ungratefulness of people.

The same Governor Ortom who begged us to accept the risk of letting Ayu become national chairman we did so and he’s now being ungrateful.

“The PDP governors agreed that a national chairman should not come from the same family as a governor. Despite our agreement, Ortom showed up.

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He further stated that I want to advance my people in national politics as a man we respect. On the honour of you, we let him (Ayu) be, we said.

“This is a man who has never run for office as national chairman anywhere or printed a billboard.

He never printed any posters, not even with the money they offered him to do so. And he (Ayu) is the one claiming that he had the option to refuse the man who brought him and served as his guarantor. This corruption is what we are referring about.

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He is now in office, has access to wealth and influence, and is now willing to claim that Ortom might have been stopped.

And he added that he can currently stop any competitor. I challenge him. I challenge Ayu, if he has what it takes, to stop any contestant.

“Why is not he (Ayu) quitting? He is expecting that Nigerians will give money to the party in order for him to once more oversee that money.

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He has already spent more than N11 billion in party primaries. He claims that the public should access the account to account for it.

Show us the money, we demand. Print the PDP account so that everyone may see how the money was used.

“This is the party that we all worked hard to replace the unsuccessful All Progressives Congress with. The national chairman would then speak about discouraging competitors.

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Speaking on the party’s leadership issues, Wike warned that if the culture of impunity and arrogance is not promptly changed, it will pose a serious threat to the party’s chances of winning in 2023.

“The country is seeing us as not being serious,” added Wike, referring to the culture of impunity and arrogance that has begun to infiltrate the party.

Do we really intend to win elections with this level of impunity and arrogance? According to our survey, Nigerians want change, but only if the individuals they anticipate bringing that change are ready for it.

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