Wike Reveals Crucial Information About PDP


Wike – OBJ endorsement of Obi: I’m worried for PDP

The endorsement of Peter Obi of the Labour Party for the 2023 presidential election by the late President Olusegun Obasanjo, according to Rivers State Governor , raises concerns for the PDP’s future.

On Tuesday, Wike made this statement at the official start of work on the Mgbuodohia Road in Rumuolumene, Obio-Akpor Local Government Area.


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Every PDP supporter should be concerned if Obasanjo chooses Obi over Atiku Abubakar, who served as his vice president for eight years.

I did not mean any harm, Wike said. Only as a prominent PDP member am I concerned. A man who cherishes PDP ought to be concerned.

“I was not making fun of anyone. I was only concerned. I asked God to permit Obasanjo to remain silent and avoid speaking. All I prayed was that, but my prayer was ineffective.


“I prayed that if this man says anything, it will implicate us because he worked with our presidential candidate and served as president for eight years under the People’s Democratic Party.

And according to the presidential council’s campaign, our candidate for president performed admirably over the course of eight years and has experience.


The governor questioned “What did I do? ” after receiving criticism for his position regarding the development. I took no action.

“All I did was voice my worry. It is up to you to reflect and determine what is fundamentally wrong if you care about this party.


“You are insulting me for telling the party that we should do something because I am worried and have expressed that concern.


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They are unconcerned, but those of us who joined this party in 1998 have helped it survive to the present day by continuing to yell whenever we perceive danger.

Abuse on top of abuse will not change anything; on the contrary, it will only make things worse. Ask around and seek advice if you do not know something; people will assist you in finding a solution.


Nobody can evict the Integrity Group from the PDP home that we have constructed. We will all fight here.

“Therefore, if anyone believes that you can simply order people around from your home, they are mistaken. You will be crushed under the house. So, you ought to reconsider.


The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers state was also written off by Wike, who claimed that the party’s soul and strength had left the carcass and that it could no longer count on the support of the local electorate.

specifically mentioned the amount of support that Chief Anele Orobule, a fervent supporter of the former governor Chibuike Amaechi, gave to the APC before he was exposed for broken promises.

He urged the residents of Rivers State to be cautious of Tonye Cole, the APC candidate for governor, claiming that Amaechi is fronting for Cole and that they have bad intentions for the state.


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