Workers Day: facts you need to know about May Day

Workers Day

International Workers Day; facts to know about May 1 

International Workers’ Day, also known as Labour Day, is observed annually on May 1 to honour the global working class.

As Nigeria joins the rest of the world in celebrating International Workers’ Day in 2023, here are seven facts about the day set aside to honour the contributions and sacrifices of workers to nation-building.


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In various nations, it is observed as a national holiday. The origins of Labour Day date back to 1886, when a labour union in the United States went on strike to demand that workers not be permitted to work more than eight hours per day.

The origins of Labour Day can be traced back to the late nineteenth century, when workers around the world demanded better working conditions, fair wages, and shorter working hours.


International Labour Day is observed in over eighty nations, including India, Cuba, and China. On this day, people in various parts of the world march to promote the rights of working-class individuals and to protect them from exploitation.

Labour Day dates back to the nineteenth century in America. On May 1, 1886, Chicago workers organised a strike for an eight-hour workday. After a bomb exploded at a labour rally in Haymarket Square, however, workers throughout the United States united to demand their rights and fight for better working conditions.

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In 1889, the International congress of socialist parties met in Paris and decided to celebrate May 1 as Labour Day or Worker’s Day.

The first Labour Day celebration in India took place in Chennai on May 1, 1923. The Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan initiated the first May Day celebrations. Comrade Singaravelar, the leader of the party, arranged two meetings to commemorate this occasion.


The purpose of Labour Day celebrations around the world is to bring attention to the rights of working people and to prevent their exploitation. It also serves as a reminder of the crucial role the working class has played in our society.

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