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Yvonne Jegede Opens Up About Marriage Regrets: “I Chose Love Over Money”


Yvonne Jegede: I left my marriage because I provided more than my ex 

Nollywood actress Yvonne Jegede has revealed the reasons behind the dissolution of her marriage to actor Olakunle ‘Abounce’ Fawole, which ended in 2019 after just a year.

In a candid discussion on the teaser for the upcoming episode of ‘The Honest Bunch’ podcast, Jegede expressed her regret for prioritizing love over financial stability in her marriage. She disclosed that her primary reason for leaving was the unequal financial contributions in their relationship, where she was the primary breadwinner.


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“He [my ex-husband] is eight years older than me. But the moment we got married, if I tell him, ‘You dey crease,’ he would say I’m disrespecting him. I would if it was the same person I got married to,” Jegede shared, pointing out the emotional and communicative challenges they faced.

However, the actress emphasized that the core issue was financial imbalance. “That wasn’t the main reason I left the marriage. Let me just say the fact, I was bringing more of the money. I’m taking care of my son like nobody exists around me. It’s not easy. I would have gone for money instead of love,” she explained, highlighting her struggles as the primary provider.


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Jegede’s marriage to Fawole, popularly known as Abounce, was highly publicized and their separation came as a shock to many fans. Reflecting on her experience, Jegede’s revelation sheds light on the often unspoken pressures of financial inequality in relationships.

This open admission by Jegede is a rare glimpse into the personal lives of celebrities, underscoring the complex interplay of love, respect, and financial stability in marital relationships. The full episode of ‘The Honest Bunch’ promises further insights into Jegede’s life post-divorce and her journey towards personal and professional growth.

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About Yvonne Jegede

Yvonne Jegede is a renowned actress in the Nigerian film industry, Nollywood. She has starred in numerous films and television series, earning critical acclaim for her versatile acting skills. Despite her personal challenges, Jegede continues to be a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, advocating for women’s empowerment and self-reliance.



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