A Brief Advice for Delta All Progressives Congress



They said they warned me; they sent me texts and even called me not only to ridicule me but also to tell me that I was finished politically.

They make mockery of me anytime they ask me if I have been giving appointments for all I did, including the risk I took during the electioneering period.


But hear this: Whether the APC wishes me well or not, I shall live long and prosper. I do not need their good wishes, nor do I crave their goodwill.


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What they think about me is neither here nor there, and It does not bother me. The only thing that bothers me is what God thinks about me, and they are not God.


They do not like me, and I do not like them. I do not seek their pity, n nordo I s seek theirvalidation.

We are not enemies, nor are we friends. What we need to do is pay allegiance and loyalty to our party, prepare our minds, draw the battle line, and continue to engage each other in the field.


Their obsession with me and my political future is inexplicable; rather than continuously talking about me and making infantile and primitive statements, they should spend their time thinking of how their leader was declared wanted for forgery and how he was banned from practising law in the United States of America.

They should think of how, by the action of their boss at the hallowed chamber of the National Assembly, Nigeria was made a laughing stock within the community of Nations.

They should think of those vibrant young men who defile the safety of their lives by forcing their way into the hallowed chamber to steal the symbol of authority (Mace) in the Senate just to satisfy their undiluted ambition for power.


They should think of those youths who, after sacrificing their lives to defy the sanctity of the national assembly, were left to die under mysterious circumstances, with their families abandoned till date.

They should think of how they ridiculed, mocked,mocked and betrayed their political benefactor,Chief Great Ogboru, who brought them into the limelight and who was a formidable political adversary to the Delta State People’s Democratic Party, and who have left them behind.


They should think of how over N80 billion that was approved for the Sapele-Agbor road was collected, confiscated, and embezzled.

They should think of how their leaders cornered the surveillance job, allocated a very infinite slot to the Urhobo nation, cut their salaries from N250k to N150k, spat on their faces, and asked them to do their worst.


They should think about how the families of those who died in boat accidents during the electioneering period have been neglected with reckless abandon after the deaths of their breadwinners.

They should think about the political future of their principal and how his name is gradually sliding into the dustbin of history.

These are what they should be thinking of for now, not my political future, because what and who I become in life is in the hands of God and not man.


But they should rest assured that by his grace and infinite mercies upon my life, it shall end in praise.

May God’s name alone be glorified in our lives.


My name is
Sanco Ese
I am God’s Pen of Intervention.

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