A Nigerian University Professor Today Earns 10% Of What They Earned 14 Years Ago Amid Naira Free Fall –Peter Obi

Labour Party Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi [PHOTO: TW @PeterObi]
Labour Party Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi [PHOTO: TW @PeterObi]

Economic Challenges Hit Nigerian University Professors as Income Falls by 10% in 14 Years, says Peter Obi

In a startling revelation, former Nigerian Vice President Peter Obi highlighted the alarming decline in the income of university professors, stating that they currently earn only 10% of what they earned 14 years ago. The drastic reduction comes amidst the free fall of the Nigerian Naira, posing significant challenges to the academic sector.

The economic woes faced by Nigeria have reverberated across various sectors, and academia is no exception. According to Peter Obi, the earning capacity of university professors has been severely impacted by the depreciation of the national currency over the past decade and a half.


The situation paints a grim picture for the academic community, as educators find themselves grappling with financial strains that impede their ability to maintain a comfortable standard of living.

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The decline in income is particularly disheartening when considering the crucial role that educators play in shaping the future of the nation.


Mr. Peter Obi emphasized the need for urgent intervention to address the economic challenges faced by university professors. He pointed out that the erosion of their income not only undermines the morale of educators but also jeopardizes the quality of education provided to students.

The root cause of this economic downturn for professors is linked to the free fall of the Nigerian Naira. The volatile nature of the currency has made it increasingly difficult for individuals to maintain purchasing power, and educators have not been spared from the financial fallout.

As the government grapples with economic reforms and stabilization measures, the plight of university professors should not be overlooked. Their dedication to education and the intellectual development of the nation deserves recognition and support.

Stakeholders in the education sector are now calling for a comprehensive review of academic compensation to ensure that university professors receive fair remuneration commensurate with their expertise and contributions to the society.

A robust financial support system for educators is deemed crucial to sustaining a vibrant and competitive higher education landscape in Nigeria.


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In conclusion, the revelation by Peter Obi regarding the 10% decline in the income of Nigerian university professors over the past 14 years sheds light on the economic challenges faced by the academic community.

Urgent measures are required to address this issue and ensure that educators are adequately compensated for their pivotal role in shaping the nation’s future.



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