Full Court Proceedings at the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal against Tinubu’s Victory


The court proceedings began promptly at 9 am, with notable presence from the Labour Party and Peter , who brought forth a substantial collection of evidence that caught everyone’s attention.


Peter Obi, along with Dr. Datti Ahmed, Julius Abure, and the DG of the campaign, represented the Labour Party in court. Awa Kalu SAN led the appearance of the Labour Party counsel.


During the proceedings, Forms EC8A from various states such as Benue, Rivers, Cross River, Niger, Osun, and Ekiti were presented as evidence. However, the respondents, including , Tinubu & Shettima, and APC, opposed the presentation of all these forms, except for Niger State, where they mentioned that document sorting in Suleja was still ongoing.



The day’s proceedings concluded at 1 pm and were adjourned until tomorrow, June 2nd, 2023, at 9 am.


Overall, the court session was marked by the substantial evidence presented and the ongoing legal battle as both sides presented their arguments.



AwaKalu – Emeka Okpoko will conduct the proceedings.


INEC – I wish to draw your attention to the fact that whilst registering appearances, the petitioners just served us a schedule contrary to the court order.


LP: My lord we already filed a schedule and served on all the respondents. This one is just a guide which was not filed

Court: INEC do you have the documents served


INEC: yes.

Court: So what’s the issue? Proceed.

LP: We wish to tender documents from Benue.


Court: So you wish to tender these documents for all 36 states?

LP: No my Lord , just about 18 states


Court: So you will tender documents on Form EC8As, EC8bs and EC8cs ?

LP: Sorry my Lords


Court: They are all certified copies of the 23 Local governments of ?


(Court Stood down for 10 mins)

LP: We ask for permission of your Lordships to start with Rivers. We want to tender from the bar, the electoral documents and we’ll see No of EC8AS, Wards, Remarks and Exhibit space for your Lordship to mark.

Court: We will spend the whole 3 weeks tendering documents at this rate because you are doing them local government by Local government of 18 states?



LP: My Lords permit me to tender them state by state then instead of by Local governments.

Court: How many Local governments in Rivers state do you wish to tender documents from?


LP: 21 states.

Court: Can you list the states?

LP: they are:

1. Andonni

2. Emohua

3. Ahorda West

4. Asaritoru

5. Kana

6. Ikwerre

7. Okpokpo

8. Okpoko/Mporul

9. Tai

10. Gokana

11. Akokutoru

12. Etche

13. Okugbolo

14. Omuma

15. Oba-Edenma Ndoni

16. Degema

LP: There is a mix up and for now we will tender 16 documents.

INEC: My Lord we oppose all the documents being tendered. This is in the motion we filed attacking paragraphs of the petition.


2/3rd Respondent: We are objecting to these documents being tendered and well advance our objection at the fullness of time.


4th Respondent: We shall be objecting to their admissibility and thereby state our reasons at the time of our address.


Court: The registrar checked the Documents and there is no Opobo LGA.

Just Opobo-Nkoro . Making the LGAs 15?

LP: Yes we can confirm that My Lords. 15 LGA.

Court: The Form EC8As for the 15 local governments are hereby ADMITTED and marked EXhDB 1-15 respectively.

LP: May we be permitted to move to Benue state my Lords?

Court: Yes.

LP: We have 23 LGAs for Benue State We seek to tender:


1) Gwer East

2. Ogbadibo

3. Kwande

4. Buruku

5. Konshisha

6. Agatu


8. Ohimini

9. Ukum

10. Gboko

11. Oju

12. Katsina-Ala

13. Logo

14. Vandeikya

15. Otukpo

16. Tarka

17. Guma


18. Obi

19. Apa

20. Ushongo

21. Ado

22. Gwer West

23. Okpokwu


They are 23 and we seek Tender Them My Lords!

In Response to the Request by LP to Tender for 23 LGAs in Benue State

Court: Any oppositions?

INEC: We oppose the tendering of these documents and we challenge their admissibility and we will set out written in our reasons which are in line with a motion we filed.

2/3rd Respondent: We oppose to this application to tender these documents

4th Respondent: We also oppose and the reasons will be canvassed in the final address.


Court: They are hereby ADMITTED and marked Exh PC1 – PC23.

LP: Thank you my Lords. May I then PROCEED to Cross River state with 18 LGAs?

LP: For Cross River State:

2. Odukpani
3. Boki
4. Yala
5. Bekwara
6. Calabar Municipal
7. Obudu
8. Obanliku
9. Calabar South
10. Ikon
11. Abi
12. Yakurr
13. Baise
14. Logoja
15. Bakasi
16. Etung
17. Akpabuyo
18. Akamkpa

Court: Any Objections?

INEC: We object to the tendering of these documents for reasons we shall set out in our written address.

2nd & 3rd: We also oppose to the tendering and shall advance the reasons in our final written address

4th: We vehemently oppose to the admissibility of the documents and we will advance our reasons in our final written address.

NB: 1st- INEC
2nd & 3rd – Tinubu & Shettima respectively
4th – APC

Court: They Are Hereby ADMITTED

Forms EC8As from the 18 LGAs are hereby marked as Exh PD1 – PD18!.


Niger State with 21 LGAs are Now Being Presented!


LP: We Have 21 LGAs We need to Tender


1. Agwaie

2. Agwara

3. Bida

4. Borgu

5. Bossu

6. Chanchaga

7. Edati

8. Gbako

9. Gurara

10. Katcha

11. Kontagora

12. Lapai

13. Lavun

14. Magama

15. Mokwa

16. Pailoro

17. Rafi

18. Shiroro

19. Suleja

20. Tafa

21. Wushishi


Court: Any Objections?


For Niger State:

Court: Any oppositions?
INEC: We are opposed to the tendering of these documents and we challenge it’s admissibility.

2nd & 3rd: We are still sorting out documents from Suleja so we are not yet sure whether we oppose or not.

4th: We strongly oppose the admissibility of these documents and shall advance reasons in our final address stage.

Court: Form EC8as of 23 LGAs in Niger state are hereby ADMITTED & marked as Exh PE1- PE23!.


Documents for Osun State with 20 LGAs

LP: Thank you my Lords we proceed to number 5 on the List which is Osun state.
We have 20 LGAs my Lords

Court: List them

LP: 1. Aiyedape
2. Ife South
3. Egbedore
4. Odo-oti
5. Irebodu
6. Obokun
7. Boluwaduro
8. Aiyedire
9. Iwo
10. Daiboribe
11. Ede South
12. Oriyade
13. Ifedayo
14. Lowunda
15. Orolu
16. Ife North
17. Irewole
18. Olaoluwa
19. Ishokwo
20. Ijobo
Court: Any Oppositions
INEC: We oppose and shall challenge in our written address and at the appropriate time, challenge their admissibility.
2nd & 3rd: Object to the admissibility and shall advance reasons in final address.
4th: We oppose the admissibility of these documents sought to be tendered for reasons which shall be canvassed during address stage.

Court: Form EC8As of 20 LGAs in Osun state are hereby ADMITTED & Marked as Exh PF1-PF20 respectively!


Ekiti state with 16 LGAs

LP: Thank you my Lords. I am now at Ekiti state. Here there are Form EC8as of 16 LGAs.
Court: List them
LP: 1. Ekiti West
2. Ikole
3. Ijero
4. Ikere
5. Ishe-Oru
6. Oye
7. Ekiti East
8. Moba
9. Irebodu/Ifelodu
10. Ilejemeji
11. Ado-Ekiti
12. Ido/Osi
13. Emure
14. Efon,
15. Gdonyin
16. Ekiti Southwest
That’s all for Ekiti.
Court: Any oppositions?
INEC: We oppose to the application and challenge the admissibility of those documents and we will advance our reasons.
2nd & 3rd: We oppose the admissibility of these documents and will give reasons in our final address.
4th: We oppose and object to the admissibility of the documents being sought to be tendered and shall state the reasons in our final address.

Court: Bundles of documents for 16 LGAs in Ekiti are hereby ADMITTED as evidence and marked as Exhibit PG1-PG16.

Court: Bundles of documents for 16 LGAs in Ekiti are hereby ADMITTED as evidence and marked as Exhibit PG1-PG16.


LP: It’s 1pm and time allotted for today is finished. May we pray to continue our presentation tomorrow?

Court: Can you finish with the EC8As today?


Lp: We have exhausted all the documents we brought in today. We measured with the time to be used.

Court: Any opposition to adjournment?


All parties: No.

Court: Court is hereby adjourned till tomorrow. 2nd June, 2023 by 9am for continuation of hearing.


Credit: Pearls

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