I Only Beat My Wife To Correct Her – Man Tells Kaduna Court


Man Admits to Assaulting Wife and Children, Court Intervenes in Case

In a recent hearing at the Shari’a court sitting at Magajin Gari, Kaduna, Lukman stood before the judge for physically assaulting his wife, Kemi Soladoye, and their four children.

Mr. Soladoye revealed his motivations behind the violence, citing his intention to correct his family members when they misbehave, claiming it stems from a place of love and a desire for their betterment.


However, the complainant, Kemi Soladoye, initially sought a divorce due to the consistent abuse but later rescinded her decision, opting to settle matters with her husband.

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She implored the court to intervene and caution her husband against further physical abuse toward her and their children.


In response to the plea, Judge Isiyaku Abdulrahman addressed Mr. Soladoye, advising him against resorting to physical violence as a means of correction, particularly toward his wife.


The judge emphasized the importance of communication and expressing displeasure without resorting to physical harm.


Regarding the children, the judge firmly asserted that violence should not be the recourse for discipline. Instead, he encouraged Soladoye to adopt alternative methods such as love, affection, prayer, and guidance to correct and guide his children.

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The judge, expressing concern for the welfare of the family, vowed to monitor Mr. Soladoye’s behavior closely and urged the complainant to report any future instances of assault.


The court’s intervention seeks to ensure a safer environment for Kemi Soladoye and her children, emphasizing the importance of non-violent methods in addressing familial issues.

This case sheds light on the gravity of domestic violence and the crucial role of legal interventions in protecting victims and upholding a safer environment within households.

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