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Nigerian Political System Is Cursed – Mr Macaroni

Mr Macaroni

Adebowale Adedayo, the comedian widely recognized as ‘Mr. Macaroni,’ has shared his views on the Nigerian political landscape.

He expressed concerns about a possible persistent curse afflicting the country’s political system.

Despite his popularity and activism at the age of 30, the renowned actor and skitmaker firmly rejected any notions of entering politics in the future.


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He firmly believes that the Nigerian political system has a tendency to corrupt even the most principled individuals once they become involved in it.

“In the Nigerian political system or sphere, there seems to be a prevailing curse, causing even esteemed and valiant individuals to transform into unrecognizable figures,” he expressed.


Mr. Macaroni traced the roots of his activism back to his secondary school days, where he developed a strong aversion to dishonesty and mistreatment of others.

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He emphasized the significance of treating people with dignity and respect, asserting that anyone who fails to do so will undoubtedly face his objections.”

“It all started in secondary school. Naturally, I detest being deceived, and I don’t tolerate mistreatment of those around me.

Treating people with respect is vital. If anyone fails to do so, they will have a problem with me,” Mr. Macaroni explained.





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