Nollywood Actress Chisom Steve Biography: Age, State Of Origin, Husband, Marriage, Photos, Career, Movies, Awards, Net Worth

Nollywood Actress Chisom Steve Biography
Nollywood Actress Chisom Steve

Nollywood Actress Nollywood has seen the ascent of numerous gifted actresses, with Chisom Steve emerging as a prominent name. This exclusive biography delves into her life, unraveling the intricacies of her family, the soaring trajectory of her career, and intriguing personal details.

Nollywood Actress Chisom Steve Biography

Chisom Steve Age – Early Life

She was born on February 15, 1999. She is from Enugu State, Nigeria. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Agu, laid the foundation for her success. Chisom is not alone in the spotlight; she shares it with her two sisters, Joy Steve, and Faith Steve, both accomplished Nollywood actresses.



Chisom Steve Parents and Family

She is the seventh child among eight siblings in the family of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Agu. Her mother, Joy Steve, is a renowned actress and movie producer, while her elder sisters, Faith and Joy, are also accomplished actresses and filmmakers.

Chisom Steve  Age

Chisom Steve is 25 years old as of 2024.

Chisom Steve State Of Origin

Chisom Steve is a Nigerian actress who hails from Nkanu East, Enugu State in the south eastern part of Nigeria.


Chisom Steve Education

Chisom’s educational journey began in Enugu State, with a later move to Asaba for high school. She returned to Enugu after completing her secondary education and is currently pursuing a course at Caritas University, keeping details under wraps.

Is Chisom Steve Married?

While Chisom’s professional life is an open book, her personal life remains more enigmatic. Her husband’s identity remains unknown despite the fact that they are married. Chisom, however, has confirmed her marital status and engagement, adding an element of curiosity to her fans.



Chisom Steve Husband Picture

Chisom Steve Husband Picture

Chisom Steve’s Net Worth

Chisom is not just a talented actress but also a financially successful one. With her career gaining momentum, she boasts an estimated net worth of US$250,000, making her one of the fastest-rising stars in Nigeria’s entertainment industry.


Chisom Steve Film Career and Notable Works

Chisom showcased her acting talent from a young age, making her debut as a child star in “Chizam The Barrow Pusher.” Throughout her career, she has delivered impressive performances in notable films such as “Save a Life,” “Justice Must Be Done,” and “Royal Dust.”

  1. “Chizam The Barrow Pusher”
  2. “Save a Life”
  3. “The Children”
  4. “Justice Must Be Done”
  5. “Sound of Victory”
  6. “Parenthood”
  7. “Village Rebel”
  8. “Truth or Dare”
  9. “Brother’s Rage”
  10. “Royal Dust”
  11. “Touch of a Ghost”

Awards and Recognition

Chisom’s talent was acknowledged with the Most Promising Actress award at the Best of Nollywood Awards (BON) in 2017 for her role in ‘Akuko Uwa.’

Modeling Career

Diversifying her talents, Chisom ventured into modeling in 2016 with Fashion Afrik Africa. Her runway presence and collaborations with skincare companies in Nigeria showcase her versatility.



Beyond the screen, Chisom established the Chisom Steve Foundation, focusing on aiding the less fortunate, particularly orphans and those with physical disabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions on :


1. Chisom Steve’s Sisters: Who are Chisom Steve’s sisters?
– Chisom has two sisters, Joy Steve, and Faith Steve, both actively contributing to the Nollywood industry.

2. Chisom Steve’s Net Worth: What is Chisom Steve’s net worth?
– Chisom’s estimated net worth is US$250,000, reflecting her notable success in the entertainment industry.

3. Marital Status: Is Chisom Steve married?
– Yes, Chisom is happily married; however, specific details about her husband are kept private.


4. Parental Information: Who are Chisom Steve’s parents?
– Chisom’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Steve Agu, originally from Enugu State, Nigeria.

Conclusion on Nollywood Actress Chisom Steve

In wrapping up, let’s shine a spotlight on Chisom Steve, a true luminary of talent and triumph in Nollywood.



The odyssey from Enugu to the glamorous realm of Nigerian cinema is nothing short of inspiring and downright fascinating. As she keeps enchanting audiences, we’re all on the edge of our seats, eagerly anticipating the next enthralling chapters in Chisom’s extraordinary narrative.




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