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Pochettino Acknowledges Chelsea’s Internal Struggle Amidst Inconsistency


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’s recent struggles on the field are attributed to being their “own worst enemies,” according to Mauricio Pochettino.

Despite promising performances against Tottenham and Manchester City, the team faced a painful 4-1 defeat at Newcastle last weekend, erasing the positive momentum.

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Since taking charge in July, Pochettino has grappled with Chelsea’s inconsistency, securing only four wins in 13 league matches.

Reflecting on a challenging week of self-examination at the Cobham training ground, Pochettino emphasized the need for improvement and a more consistent and mature approach.


In a live preview ahead of the clash with Brighton, Pochettino expressed satisfaction with the players’ response, acknowledging the value of facing tough situations in training and meetings.

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He stressed the importance of focusing on the present, stating, “The most difficult thing in this process is to be focused on today and not on tomorrow.”

Pochettino did not shy away from expressing his displeasure to the players after the Newcastle defeat, emphasizing the authenticity of his emotions. He stated, “I’m not going to act.

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I’m not going to show a face that I don’t feel.” The coach believes in delivering honest feedback, whether in moments of anger or joy, to maintain a genuine connection with the team.

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As Chelsea prepares for the upcoming challenges, Pochettino emphasized the significance of self-awareness, admitting, “We are our worst enemies and we need to be focused on us.”

The coach’s commitment to addressing internal issues and fostering improvement remains central to Chelsea’s journey in the ongoing season.

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