Popular Pastor Arrested for Visa Scam


Operatives of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) have apprehended a pastor identified as Micheal Ogundepo. The arrest follows a series of fraudulent activities, with the latest involving a visa scam valued at N3 million.

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Pastor Ogundepo’s arrest transpired when he fell into a well-laid trap, believing he was about to collect N3 million in exchange for processing a visa on behalf of an unsuspecting victim. This elaborate ruse was orchestrated by the NSCDC after one of his victims, Fagbuyiro Ajetomobi Yemi, bravely reported the fraudulent activities to the authorities.


The accused pastor had allegedly obtained a substantial sum of N1.6 million from Miss Fagbuyiro under the pretense of assisting her in securing a visa. Disturbingly, he not only failed to fulfill his promise but also confiscated her passport and misappropriated the funds for personal use. This egregious act left the victim unable to pursue an alternative visa application.


Aidamenbor Daniel, the spokesman for the Ondo NSCDC, shed light on the case, stating, “The command invited the suspect severally, but he declined the invitation. He claimed to be outside the country and used a fake international number to call the complainant as a disguise.”

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Further investigations into Pastor Ogundepo’s activities have unveiled a pattern of deceit, indicating that he has defrauded several other unsuspecting clients in a similar manner. His actions are in clear violation of the Criminal Code, as stipulated in section 419 of the Criminal Code Law, Cap 37, Vol. 1 of Ondo State, 2006. The penalties for such offenses are severe and subject to legal action.

What the Arrest of Micheal Ogundepo Means?

The apprehension of Pastor Micheal Ogundepo serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and reporting fraudulent activities to the appropriate authorities. Law enforcement agencies remain committed to safeguarding the rights and interests of citizens and will spare no effort in bringing perpetrators of such crimes to justice.

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