Premier League table 2023/24 as of November 26, 2023


Premier League Table 2023/24: Number of Matches Played, Positions, and Points.

The positions and points of the first twenty teams in the Premier League table, along with their goals and statistics, are highlighted here on Ejes Gist Sports.”

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As we approach the halfway mark of the Premier League season, the competition is heating up, and the table is taking shape. Let’s dive into the latest standings as of November 26, 2023, and dissect the key movements, surprises, and challenges faced by the top-flight teams.


1. Arsenal: Leading the Pack

Arsenal sits comfortably at the summit, showcasing impressive stats with 13 matches played, a goal difference of 17, and a remarkable 30 points. The Gunners seem to have found their rhythm, and their supporters are undoubtedly relishing the prospect of a title challenge.

2. Manchester City: Nipping at the Heels


Hot on Arsenal’s heels is Manchester City, trailing by a single point. With 13 matches under their belt, a goal difference of 20, and 29 points, the defending champions are poised for a fierce battle for the top spot.

3. Liverpool: Klopp’s Brigade in Contention

Liverpool, perennial contenders, currently occupies the third spot. With 13 matches played, a goal difference of 17, and 28 points, Jurgen Klopp’s side is within striking distance of the leaders and determined to make their mark.

4. Tottenham Hotspur: Aiming High

Tottenham Hotspur, at fourth place, is showcasing a strong performance with 12 matches played, a goal difference of 9, and 26 points. The Spurs faithful will be hopeful of a sustained challenge for the title as the season progresses.


5. Aston Villa: Breaking into the Top Five

Aston Villa’s steady climb sees them secure the fifth position. With 12 matches played, a goal difference of 12, and 25 points, they are positioning themselves as genuine contenders for European spots.

6. Newcastle United: Surprising the Onlookers

Newcastle United’s presence in the top six may raise a few eyebrows, but with 13 matches played, a goal difference of 5, and 23 points, they are proving their mettle and eyeing a potential European adventure.

Relegation Battle and Points Deduction Drama


While the upper echelons of the table paint a picture of ambition and success, the relegation zone is a battleground for survival. Sheffield United, Everton, and Burnley find themselves in precarious positions, with the latter two facing the additional challenge of points deductions.

Everton’s deduction of 10 points due to a breach of the Premier League’s Profitability and Sustainability Rules has thrown them into a perilous situation. As they strive to overcome this setback, Burnley is also grappling with a significant goal difference deficit.


Looking Ahead: Champions League and Europa League Aspirations

The coveted spots for the UEFA Champions League and Europa League are still up for grabs. Teams like Brighton and Hove Albion, Manchester United, and West Ham United are in contention, each with their eyes on securing European football next season.

As the season unfolds, expect the unexpected in the unpredictable world of the Premier League. With intense battles at both ends of the table, football fans worldwide are in for a thrilling ride.


See the Premier League table for 2023/24 season.

# Team MP GD Pts
1 Arsenal 13 17 30
2 Manchester City 13 20 29
3 Liverpool 13 17 28
4 Tottenham Hotspur 12 9 26
5 Aston Villa 12 12 25
6 Newcastle United 13 5 23
7 Brighton and Hove Albion 13 17 22
8 Manchester United 12 -3 21
9 West Ham United 13 0 20
10 Chelsea 13 2 16
11 Brentford 13 1 16
12 Wolverhampton Wanderers 12 -4 15
13 Crystal Palace 13 -5 15
14 Nottingham Forest 13 -5 13
15 Fulham 12 -10 12
16 Bournemouth 13 -14 12
17 Luton Town 13 -11 9
18 Sheffield United 13 -23 5
19 Everton * 12 -3 4
20 Burnley 13 -22 4




MD (Matches Played): Represents the number of matches each team has participated in.

GD (Goal Difference): Indicates the variance between goals scored and goals conceded by a team.

Pts (Points): Signifies the total points earned by each team based on their performance in the matches played.


UEFA Champions League Qualification: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th
Europa League Qualification: 5th
Relegation Threat: 18th, 19th, 20th

Note: Everton has been deducted 10 points for breaching the Premier League’s Profitability and Sustainability Rules.



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