Anam Boat Mishap: Akwa Ibom Indigenes Slam Filmmaker, Moses Eskor Over Burial Of Make Up Artist At River Bank, Demand Her Body Be Exhumed


Moses Eskor

A number of Akwa Ibom natives have criticized Nollywood filmmaker Moses Eskor, who serves as Chairman of the Akwa-Cross Chapter of the Directors’ Guild of Nigeria (DGN), for his handling of the case involving makeup artist Abigail Frederick. They are now demanding the exhumation of her body.

Abigail died alongside popular Nollywood actor, Junior Pope and three others when a boat conveying them from a movie location capsized on Anam River in Anambra State.
Mr. Eskor, who is the Special Assistant on Entertainment to the Akwa Ibom State Governor, had earlier said that Abigail’s body was buried at the river bank because her family couldn’t afford to pay for the needed sacrifices which cost N150, 000 and the ambulance to convey her body home. read here
According to him, N310,000.00 was raised for the family of Abigail Frederick to pay for sacrifices and then convey her corpse back to Akwa Ibom State. However, it wasn’t enough because the family hired a taxi to and fro for N180,000.00 and spent an additional N20,000.00, making it N200,000.00. Hence, they couldn’t afford to pay for the sacrifice which cost N150,000.00.
According to the list Mr. Moses shared in a now deleted post, he donated N10, out of the N310,000 raised by individuals.
Reacting to the development, a businessman, Aniebiet Antia, described Eskor’s action as “studpid, terrible and a shame,.”
Mr. Antia demanded that the body of the young woman be exhumed and offered to pay for the sacrifices and cost of conveying her body to Akwa Ibom.
“Moses Eskor, I actually knew you would bring down the post. What the hell. The most stupid post have ever read on Facebook. You could not make it public for us to contribute? Exhumed her tomorrow, myself and others will contribute and bring her back. And you accepted 200k bus hiring? Gosh. Money that would have perfected the ritual? Jesus. Even with the fact that we were asking you how much in your first post you refused to answer. This is Terrible,”
he wrote.
Danie Ok, wrote: “Moses Eskor has never proven me wrong. He talks anyhow. He doesn’t think at all. If you used to watch his political campaign videos, you will know the level of his thinking. Just imagine this insensitive and insulting post on the family of the deceased Akwa Ibom girl who died alongside Pope Junior. What was he trying to achieve with this post? To take glory for raising money to bury the girl?
One Soundcraft Aidee expressed shock that a hotelier and aide to the Akwa Ibom State Governor donated N10k to the family of the deceased.
“Meanwhile, he is the SA on Entertainment to the Akwa Ibom State governor. Since a hotel owner/SA to the Governor and a Film Producer/SA to the Governor couldn’t afford N150k for rituals and Ambulance to bring back her remains, what stopped them from posting it earlier on this platform and highlighting? Because I would have comfortably contributed N100k as a MUSICIAN/SA to the SP. Entertainment industry una dey whine us,”
he wrote.



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